10 Entrepreneurship Tips for Risk Taking & Following YOUR Passion

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I am so happy to share some golden nuggets of wisdom from the Savoia Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #35 with Matt Rizzetta, the Chairman of North Sixth Group. Matt is an accomplished founder, entrepreneur, investor and author. Prior to founding North Sixth Group, Matt served as CEO of a leading public relations firm N6A from 2010 until 2020. Under Matt’s leadership, N6A grew into one of the fastest-growing firms and was ranked as one of the 50 most powerful agencies in the United States by the Observer, PRWeek’s Best Places to Work, and the Top Company Cultures in America by Entrepreneur. Since 2021, Matt has expanded and diversified the business interests within North Sixth Group to include multiple companies across marketing, technology and sports and entertainment. Among other portfolio investments, Matt led the acquisition of Ascoli FC, one of the most historic football clubs in the world, on behalf of North Sixth Group. Matt is the author of two books, including “Embrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned in a Decade of Entrepreneurship”. Matt has served on the boards of Marketing EDGE, Venture Noire and Iona College, and oversees the Lauren Nicole Rizzetta fund, an annual fund which provides students enrolled in special education programs below a certain household income with fully paid costs for much-needed resources, including technology, curriculum and social and emotional educational development tools.

In our podcast episode Matt shares with us real-world lessons that he’s learned while building and operating a fast-growing business including overcoming adversity in career, building a winning corporate culture, how to recruit and hire great talent, effective management tips, leadership lessons and best practices on how to bring innovation to life and in the workplace. Here are 10 entrepreneurship tips for risk taking & following your passion that have helped Matt to become the leader he is today and grow and scale his businesses and ventures.

1. Use Mistakes As A Strategy For Success

According to Matt, we can succeed only after making mistakes. Making mistakes also shows that we have learned a lot as we try to improve each time. This is the ‘lifeblood’ of entrepreneurship and it is based on progress. We must constantly improve ourself, mind, body and spirit. The only way to make improvements is to be comfortable experimenting, trying out new things, making mistakes, and learning from great people around us including friends, family, coworkers, peers and clients. Each of them can provide incredible opportunities to learn, improve, and understand new ways to innovate. The evolving culture of business is the collection of mistakes made and improvements as a result of those mistakes. Let us start to use our mistakes as a strategy for future success.

2. Build A Winning Culture

Humility and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), are the most important part of any culture. EQ is definitely a key factor as a leader but it is also essential to teach EQ to our employees.

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Employees need to see leadership that is relatable, accessible and open minded. We must be willing to listen and learn. As a leader, to build a winning culture we must spend time out of the office with employees for coffees, lunches or dinners because over time the culture takes on the personality of employees and helps us identify the areas we are doing a good job and where we are not doing too well.

3. Develop Holistic Health

Believe in mind, body, soul, all coming together. Matt says that in his career he is happiest at home and most successful in the office when he is fittest physically and when his mind is as sharp as it can be. Most often when he fulfills his personal responsibilities as husband, father, brother-in-law, son-in-law and son in the best possible way; the byproduct is that he becomes more successful at work and in the office. Health is not just physical, but it’s emotional and mental. It’s a holistic perspective and with the right foods and right mindset we don’t need to be deteriorating as we age, in fact we can be thriving with age.

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4. Get A Mentor

Who has had a great impact on your life?

Our parents, grandparents and hundreds of people in our network that can offer us advice and new ways of doing things that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see or have access to, can be a source of mentorship. A good recipe for success is to take one page from hundreds of playbooks of people who have been successful in their own life and then put our own original spin on it. Be open minded when it comes to experimenting. We can paint our own mosaic, but it’s really the collection of ideas that we have received from other people that we can attribute to our success.

5. Follow A Well Balanced Diet

I don’t prescribe to a particular diet, but what the longevity research is showing is that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet as we get into our 40s. The true Mediterranean, not the North American version of the Mediterranean, with too much processed pasta and bread. The diet in the Blue Zones is 90-95% plant based and 5% animal based. The meat is more of an accent on our plate, not the main thing. The majority of our plate should be colourful vegetables and healthy fats for overall health.

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6. Get Feedback

The more successful we become the more difficult it is to get feedback because people are afraid to give us feedback. The challenge is that we can’t improve without feedback and will remain stagnant as a result. Feedback is the lifeblood of progress and improvement. Embark upon a constant search to find new innovative and creative ways to get honest feedback. Matt suggests that as a first step we introduce anonymous surveys in his organization to create a culture of feedback. After this you can provide opportunities to give feedback and it’s also important to take action, and make action plans based on the feedback received and communicate this to the staff. This is extremely important because if we do not incorporate the feedback people may feel “Well, they didn’t do anything with it last time, why should I offer my feedback”! and be reluctant to participate in future surveys.

7. Focus on Mental Health

Mental health is a critical component of the workforce today. If we are not healthy mentally, we will not be healthy in any work environment. We must focus on mental and spiritual health. Matt says that if his employees are more mentally fit working remotely enjoying the increased independence, it manifests in their day-to-day work progress and so the company is happy to encourage and support that. We just need to be more creative in how we engage our people virtually.

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8. A Growth Mindset

One of the lessons in Matt’s book “Embrace the Pace: The 100 Most Exhilarating Lessons Learned In A Decade Of Entrepreneurship”, is about how we are always unproven at the next level. What separates successful entrepreneurs from mediocre entrepreneurs is the challenge of accomplishing something never accomplished before. The beauty in life is that there’s always a next higher level and everybody is always unproven at that next level because we haven’t arrived there yet. We don’t know how we are going to perform until we get there. At each new level we have to prove that we can delegate, build infrastructure, manage finance, sales, recruitment and HR at a higher level. Matt says that even after 12 years of success he has so much in his career ahead of him that he has yet to accomplish. Remember your career is not a straight line, it’s a curvy line, there are curves, bumps and bruises along the way, and we have to embrace them, roll with the punches and learn from them. Let us use every unproven step as an opportunity to motivate ourself to reach the next level.

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9. Slow Down

In my podcast conversation we talk about how important it is to slow down and enjoy moments so that we can be focused on what’s next. Very often we don’t really spend time to enjoy what’s happened. When we slow our pace and connect with ourselves we will enjoy what we do. Along with the financial gain we also benefit with emotional gain and are able to enrich and fulfill ourself and people around us. Just slowing down can lead us to good places. So, remember to chill out, slow down, enjoy the moments by cultivating patience through meditation and breath work.

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10. Good People Lead to Great Places

When we are starting our career, we must surround ourself with great people. The paycheck, working hours and company reputation is secondary. Just look at the people that we are working with, for and alongside. If those are good people, it’s going to lead us to great places. The value of people that we surround ourself with will far exceed the compensation that we’ll be receiving in the short term at any job. One good person can change our life. People are the ones that generate opportunities in our career and that is why most people leave their manager not the organization. As we grow in our career, the most gratifying successes, usually involve other people and how we made them feel or helped them succeed so it is also very important to be that good person. If we had a good experience, it’s only natural to give back and to recreate that experience, or provide that platform and environment. When we pay it forward, we receive it back tenfold and even when we don’t, we feel so rich inside that it’s worth it!

For more information on how surrounding yourself with the right people can be the key to happiness & success, listen to the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #35 with Matt Rizzetta.