Meet Your Dedicated Holistic Wellness Partner

Hello, I’m Rita!

A few years ago, I developed strong food intolerance’s that made me feel horrible after every meal. I had low energy, sleep issues and a foggy mind and it was negatively impacting my life and career as an HR Professional and Performance Coach.

After adopting holistic lifestyle changes my digestive health improved dramatically and I was also able to reverse my mild case of polycystic ovarian syndrome, and increase my energy, mental clarity, and productivity. I became so convinced in the power of an integrative approach vs. a pharmacological approach to improving my health that I became a Certified Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach.

Now I combine my expertise in Human Resources, Performance Coaching, Mindset & Stress Mastery, Nutrition, and Holistic Wellness to help individuals and organizations deliver positive, measurable, and sustainable behavioural & lifestyle habit changes for better performance in life and work.

There are six fundamental beliefs I hold that have influenced my work with clients:

  1. The power of self-healing once we remove the interreference 
  2. Identifying the root cause is crucial for sustained wellness
  3. We must consider the whole person & beyond
  4. Prevention is key
  5. Taking personal responsibility of your own health 
  6. Education is empowering


My extensive list of certifications bring tremendous value to my work with clients. 

Our Clients Trust Us



“As a busy entrepreneur, I have been constantly experiencing anxiety, and lack of focus, which has affected my productivity and clarity. Working with Rita thru the breathwork, and with her unique style of holding the space and enabling me to push myself further, I was able to have a very deep and meaningful experience during the ritual.  

Through her soothing feedback and supporting attitude, Rita enabled me to feel safe, at ease and centred which gave me a strong sense of focus and clarity. I highly recommend Rita Savoia as a professional.”



 “Rita showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded my expectations during the program implementation. On a personal level, she’s charismatic and well-spoken, both qualities that have served her well in her role”.



“I really enjoy how Rita explains complex concepts and makes them easy to understand, the simple explanations make me feel more empowered to use her stress management tools. Her meditations are super relaxing and help me to recharge.”