Workplace Wellness Programs

Maximize performance potential at your organization with healthy, engaged and more productive employees.

Wellness Programs have often been viewed as a nice “extra”, not a strategic imperative

Newer evidence tells a different story.

Business and life are moving at such a fast pace, and that can cause stress levels to skyrocket.

The reality is that unhealthy and unengaged employees are a drag on productivity, retention, innovation, collaboration, company culture … and the bottom line.

more than 50% saw a decrease in absenteeism

66% reported increased productivity

67% said employees are more satisfied

*International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Workplace Wellness 2017 Survey Report.

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  • Group Programs

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  • Wellness Days

Leading organizations recognize that the more they invest in their employees, the more they get back.

As a former HR professional, I founded the Savoia Self-Care Workplace Wellness consulting practice on the principle that performance and wellness are inseparable.

That’s why our mission is to help employers create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce by providing tools to thrive at work and in all aspects of life.

As your dedicated holistic wellness partner, I provide online and offline wellness programs that are customized and aligned to your business needs and strategic direction to reflect the broader culture of your organization.

Helping clients educate, engage and empower their employees

Our goal is to help organizations create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Personalized holistic programs ensure that staff are motivated and rewarded to live their healthiest lives while fostering an organizational culture that facilitates success.


Evidence-based workshops address performance potential and reducing risks that directly impact cost & productivity – through a health and wellness lens. Customized for each client, topics include; stress & anxiety mastery, mental health & wellbeing, self-talk strategies, overcoming unconscious bias, and developing cultural intelligence.

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Keynote Speaking Engagements

Custom talks addressing wellness, wellbeing, and performance potential by reducing risks that directly impact engagement & productivity. Presentations can include topics such as stress mastery & resilience, trusting your intuition for better decision making, mental wellbeing, and overcoming burnout.

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Group Programs

Employee small group programs with live wellness coaching calls, live yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions, email support, accountability, and community learning of transferable life skills. The program is focused equipping participants with simple & practical tools and on resetting their current nutrition and lifestyle habits for sustainable healthy habit changes.

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Wellness Days / Retreats

Custom ½, full days or destination retreats of wellness activities such as gamified challenges, cooking classes, live yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions, based on your needs and requirements to increase overall productivity, engagement, and satisfaction at work.

WIN-WIN Workplace Wellness Equation



Maximizing Performance Potential

Increased Individual & Business Results

Our Holistic Program Results Driven Approach

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    1. ASSESS – Current and desired state though our Wellness Culture Audit

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    2. ENGAGE – Guided participation with online & offline tools & programs

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    3. COACH – Transferable life skills for sustainable results

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    4. INTEGRATE – Make wellness a part of the culture and aligned to the business culture

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    5. EVALUATE – Progress is tracked and measured for continuous improvement

You deserve a clear plan to achieve your health & wellness goals

1. Let’s meet!

We’ll determine the best program for you based on your current needs and strategic direction.

2. Execute your Plan with Full Support

I will support your employees to help create a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

3. Experience a Competitive Advantage

Experience a workforce that is reaching their performance potential.

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