Be Connected With Your BREATH

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Why is it essential to connect with your breath?

Breathing is natural for all of us, although most of us only ever breathe subconsciously, failing to realize the benefits of breathing well. So many of us do not connect with our breath on a more conscious level. If we had the knowledge and ability to raise our awareness and connect with our breathing patterns, we would feel more connected with our physical body and mind. Many people are unaware that the breath is a powerful tool, which can give us a sense of presence and a deeper awareness of how we feel. It helps us to gain a feeling of ease and makes us more acutely attuned to our bodies.

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Life moves at such a rapid pace and most people never set aside time to go to a place of silence and consciously consider their breath forcing them to confront their true selves and reality. This can be quite an emotional and painful experience.  However, once this process of reflection has begun, it can then benefit their life forever. By sitting in stillness and focusing on our breath, we become more attuned to how our body is feeling. This should be done with a non-judgemental, neutral mindset rather than a place of judgement or criticism.

The effort of breathing is the essence of life. When breath changes, there are immediate effects at every level of the body and mind. Breathing well for good health needs greater skill and subtlety than working with the body. The breath is not as obvious as the hips or hamstrings in its movement. It is easier to see and feel the body than the breath, breathing is mainly involuntary and mostly takes care of itself. However, in modern life, our natural breathing patterns are often not healthful, because of acute stress, poor posture and erratic lifestyle.

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Breathwork is a pathway to working with the breath intelligently, guided by yoga knowledge and wisdom. The first skill to work with the breath is learning to sense or feel it. This is an ongoing process where we observe the breath in different ways in various areas of the body, during inhalation and exhalation and the pauses, and stay in touch with breath sensations through the day. Connecting to our breath can give us a deeper understanding of our body, and it helps us shift our focus from what our body physically looks like to how it feels and what it can do. It provides us with a chance to reflect on wisdom that is inherent and already exists within our bodies.

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