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People that practice gratitude consistently report a host of psychological benefits including: being more helpful, generous, and compassionate, more forgiving, more outgoing, feeling less lonely and isolated.

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How To Access Flow State With Breathwork?

Breathwork allows us to tap into flow state because it oxygenates the brain, stimulating different regions so we can access the subconscious mind.

A circular-connected technique of a double inhale and single exhale for 25 minutes with focused intention is most effective to access flow. 

In corporate breathwork sessions for entrepreneurs, we use group flow to brainstorm on a specific project where clarity is needed.

Then, we use our breath and subconscious mind to pull that topic up to the surface. The brain makes those new synaptic connections, creating clarity, new energy, creativity, motivation and focus. 

You can access the flow state with breathwork in 25 minutes to change your life, business and unlock your ultimate potential.

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“Flow state” is optimal consciousness, the nirvana of organization and creativity, where productivity meets alignment. It’s the real-world, on-demand, optimal brain power for focus, retention and cognition. 

Steven Kotler, head of Flow State Research Collective, a peak performance and training institute, says that flow is effortless and fluid, with an intrinsic motivation behind it. Emmy-nominated TV personality, futurist and filmmaker Jason Silva talks about it as the sweet spot between discipline and surrender.

When people talk about creating or getting into flow state, or peak performance, it’s often described as elusive and methodological. It’s associated with the hallowed names of extreme athletes like Jordan or Gretzky, with musicians and Navy seals even tapping into it or as the result of psychedelic trips. 

This begs the question, do you find flow state or is it possible to cultivate it? Fortunately, for mere mortals without the resources of Bill Gates or the morning routine of Tony Robbins, there’s a natural form of flow state that is accessible on-demand if you have the right tools. This is where breathwork comes in. 

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As we get older, breathing becomes more and more of an aside. Our busier pace and sedentary lifestyle have led to poor breathing habits. The respiratory system will then self-adjust the depth of our breathing depending on our activities. So, over time, we take in shallower and quicker breaths. 

The aging process can also cause difficulty in breathing. As you age, your lung tissue, muscles, and bones, which enable you to breathe, also decline. Your diaphragm and ribcage, which expand and contract as you breathe, also weaken. This can lead to shortness of breath, fatigue, and respiratory and cardiovascular health problems. It also keeps us from an optimal state of mental health, including achieving a flow state. Breathwork meditation can help you achieve a flow state, so you can breathe—and live—your life to the fullest!  

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Life’s daily grind often leaves us disconnected from our true selves. We rush through tasks, meetings, and obligations, losing touch with our inner desires and intuition. What if there’s a way to reconnect, to find harmony and balance, to understand ourselves truly? Flow State, combined with breathwork, may be the pathway to that profound self-discovery.

💨 Breathwork as a Gateway to Flow: Your breath is the most powerful tool you possess. Through specific breathwork techniques, you can guide yourself into a state of flow with ease. Conscious breathing allows you to control your emotional and mental state, paving the way for Flow.

💼 Translating Flow into Everyday Life: Imagine incorporating Flow into your daily routine, from work to hobbies to time spent with loved ones. Life becomes more enjoyable, tasks turn into pleasures, and every moment becomes an opportunity for joy and fulfillment.

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