Cold Showers & Our BREATH

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How Breath & Cold exposure can support your immune system?

The Wim Hof Method consists of breathing techniques, cold exposure and mindset. Breathing techniques manipulate our biochemistry through deep breathing. Cold exposure is a way to train our cardiovascular system to give us more energy.

Medical research published in 2014 proved that breathwork and cold showers can help to bring down inflammatory markers. In the study, they injected E. coli bacteria as an experiment, which normally makes people ill. But of the people who did breathing exercises, almost no one became sick, and they were able to bring down the inflammation caused by the E. coli bacteria.

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The Wim Hof Method is a type of meditation that may reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. On his website, Hof claims that his method offers a range of benefits, including an accumulation of brown fat, fat loss, and reduced inflammation. His most devoted followers claim that the method is life changing. A 2018 study reported subjective benefits such as:

  • improved mood
  • reduction in anxiety
  • greater feelings of wellness
  • a deeper connection to oneself
  • better immunity
  • less physical stress and tension

Research on hyperventilation suggests that rapid breathing may relax the brain and decrease elevated pressure in the skull. Anecdotally, users report greater feelings of well-being, the ability to hold their breath for very long periods, and a reduction in depression and anxiety. Several professional athletes who have adopted the method claim that it has improved their performance.

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While you may think that cold temperatures only affect you physically, they also have an effect on you mentally. One 2018 study, examined participants who received whole body cryotherapy treatment. Cryotherapy is basically the process of entering a chamber of uber-cold temperatures as cold as -200º Fahrenheit. Cryotherapy is very popular amongst athletes to help with muscle recovery, but the 2018 study showed, cold exposure can also improve your cognitive brain functioning. Whole body cryotherapy cold exposure may be a helpful add-on treatment for depression, too, according to a 2019 study. Participants experienced an improvement in depression scores after undergoing ten two-minute whole body cryotherapy sessions over the course of two weeks. Who would’ve thought freezing cold temperatures could boost your mood?

You don’t have to splurge on cryotherapy treatments to experience these benefits. Cold exposure via cold showers might just do the trick, too! Wim Hof, sometimes called “The Iceman” is known for his extreme cold exposure work. He pairs cold exposure with breathwork for powerful, science-backed results.

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