How Do We BREATHE Right?

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Showing gratitude can make you more optimistic. Studies show that those who
express gratitude regularly appear to have a more positive outlook on life. 

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Go around the dinner table and have each person state something general they are thankful for, and something specific to that day that they are thankful for.

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How to Develop Good Breathing Habits?

Healthy breathing habits are key to overall well-being. Proper posture, breathing with your diaphragm, and exhaling completely are simple daily habits you can adopt. Breathing properly while exercising and relaxing are also important in the development of good breathing habits. Your breath should be even and controlled. If you are breathing loudly or hyperventilating, then try to slow down your breathing and control it, such as by breathing deeply into your diaphragm.

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If you’re breathing effectively, your breath will be smooth, steady, and controlled. You should feel relaxed and as though you’re able to get enough air without straining. It should feel easy to breathe, and your breath should be silent or quiet. Your abdomen area will expand with each inhalation and contract with each exhalation. You can also feel your ribs expand to the front, sides, and back with each inhalation. There are several diaphragm breathing exercises and techniques that you can do at home. This will help you to use your diaphragm correctly. It’s best that you do this technique when you’re feeling rested and relaxed. Regularly performing these diaphragmatic breathing practices may help you to:

  • decrease the amount of oxygen needed
  • slow down your breathing rate to make breathing easier
  • strengthen your diaphragm
  • use less exertion and energy to breathe

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You can practice the diaphragmatic breathing at home on your own. When you’re first getting started, aim to do about 5 to 10 minutes of this exercise three to four times per day. You may find that you get tired while doing this exercise since it takes more effort to use your diaphragm correctly. But once you get used to diaphragmatic breathing, it will feel more natural and be easier to do. Slowly increase the duration of time you spend each day. You can place a book on your abdomen to increase the difficulty of the exercise or to help you focus. There are several things you can do to improve your breathing. Check out my amazing podcast “10 AYURVEDA Tips for a Healthy Gut” #47 on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

Here are a few ways you can breathe more easily and efficiently:

  1. Adjust your sleeping position. You could try sleeping on your side with your head elevated by pillows and a pillow between your legs.
  2. Consider lifestyle changes. Maintain a healthy weight and eat nutritious foods, including foods rich in antioxidants.
  3. Meditate. Practice meditation regularly. This can be as simple as taking the time to focus on your breath without trying to control it. Added benefits may include mental clarity, peace of mind, and less stress.
  4. Practice good posture. Practicing good posture helps to ensure that your chest and the thoracic region of your spine are able to fully expand.
  5. Sing it out. The British Lung Foundation recommends singing to enhance your ability to breathe, help to improve your posture, and increase the strength of your voice and diaphragm.
  6. Stretch and flex. Take steps to relieve any tightness in your shoulders, chest, and back. You can do exercises that focus on flexibility, resistance, and stretching to improve posture. These can include swimming, rowing, or any activity that gets you moving.

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