I Invite You To Chase REAL DOPAMINE

Happy Self-Care Sunday!

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Expressing gratitude can improve your mood. People who regularly express gratitude for the positive things in their life are shown to be happier overall, leading to lower rates of stress and depression.

🙏🏽 Gratitude Practice 🙏🏽

As part of your morning routine, I invite you to consider 3 things that you’re grateful for today?

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How Are You Getting Your Dopamine?

In the brain, pleasure has a distinct signature; the release of a neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Breathing plays a role in the production of Dopamine with a healthier response to the body/mind.

When we diaphragmatically breathe, the contraction of the diaphragm sends a message to the brain to release dopamine which creates a calming effect. Conscious breathing communicates with the emotional centres in the brain to reduce anxiety, depression and stress and provides the platform to transform addictive behaviours.

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Breathing plays a role in the production of the Dopamine with a much healthier response to the body/mind. By incorporating a regular Diaphragmatic Breathing practice, we’re strengthening the qualities of the Parasympathetic Nervous System and heart-brain coherence.  Heart-brain coherence is closely tied to cardiac vagal tone and the strength of our vagus nerve which is stimulated by Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Strong vagal tone is closely associated with the physiological basis of emotion, including emotional regulation, psychological adaptation (resiliency), emotional reactivity and expression, empathic responses, and attachment. So, put down the cell phone, step away from the computer and spend the next 5 to 10 minutes Diaphragmatically Breathing.  Incorporate this throughout your day to reduce the negative effects of the pinging from your cell phone or computer that have trained you to constantly receive your dopamine from the number of likes, comments and responses you get from posts and emails!

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To practice dopamine-inducing breathing, simply sit tall and rest your shoulders down, away from your ears. Take a deep breath in through your nostrils, allowing your belly to expand so that the diaphragm can drop down and the lungs can expand into your torso. When you exhale, draw the diaphragm in and up so that all the air can be expelled from your lungs completely. This process should be done slowly, without force. Practice for ten to fifteen breaths to allow your dopamine levels to find a ‘calm spot’ in your body.

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