Principle of conscious BREATHING

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Yoga is such a powerful practice. Yoga teaches you how to find balance, build strength, flexibility, and concentration, but most importantly, surrendering to the present moment by focusing on the breath! Check out my post on my Instagram or Facebook

Gratitude and appreciation are core positive psychology practices that have been shown to boost physical, mental, and emotional health. 

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As part of your morning routine, I invite you to consider 3 things that you’re grateful for today?

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Do you know that conscious breathing helps to manage strong & negative emotions?

This is surely much easier said than done, but it’s worth the effort. You have to be in control of yourselves if you want to control your emotions. Breathing techniques can help you regulate stress levels and pump oxygen into your heart and brain. These exercises don’t need any special equipment and can be done anywhere. I urge you to use conscious breathing as a tool to better manage your emotions, reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy and improve the health of your heart and your brain.

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There is nothing new about the importance of breathing. Just a few minutes of oxygen deprivation is enough to destroy the brain’s ability to process incoming information forever. However, it isn´t just important THAT we breathe, but also HOW we breathe. If the way we breathe is just slightly out of balance, over time it will lead to severe negative consequences, since we breathe so much each and every day. We take about 1,000 breaths each hour, that’s up to 25,000 breaths in a single day. That’s 10-20 kg of air passing in and out of our system each day, which is ten times more than the amount of food we eat. This says a lot of how important our breathing is. Conscious Breathing is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being. I invite you to join the monthly online New Moon Breathwork Experience and be part of the breathwork revolution. Purchase your tickets here.

The connected pattern of conscious breathing is a natural, safe and easy–to-learn technique. As human beings we hold onto tension within our bodies and in doing so create physical, mental and emotional blockages. This technique helps to release the blockages and transform your life and energy. It is often emotional or mental upset that causes breathing restrictions, because our tendency is to hold our breath as a reaction to overwhelming feelings. Not everyone’s breathing pattern is the same, quite the opposite, in fact – we are all unique. Consider these statistics: 70% of us don’t use our breath in full capacity and indeed most of us only use 33% of our respiratory capacity. Conscious breathing helps us to fully open our respiratory system, something the body has difficulty doing if breathing is restricted. In these cases, physical, mental and emotional ailments often arise, such as stress, anxiety and lack of energy. Conscious breathing is easy to learn and can be beneficial to people of all ages, from infancy to old age.A few sessions will enable you to use this technique for yourself as a lifelong tool. Many people have discovered an expanded state of consciousness as they improve their breathing process. Your life can open up and become more fulfilled through conscious breathing. For more information on how proper breathing can affect your overall health or for help in your recovery and guidance on holistic wellness subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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I am a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Connect With Me to know more on the amazing power of breathwork and learn some breathwork techniques than can help you better manage yourself.