Transformational BREATHING

Happy Self-Care Sunday!

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How do you do transformational breathwork?

Breathwork has numerous physical or mental benefits, when used correctly, it can improve our performance and everyday challenges by clearing restricted breathing patterns.

Transformational breathwork is an advanced self-healing modality, using a full diaphragmatic breath combined with movement, toning, yoga and other somatic practices. We can use it to help deal with issues such as anxiety, panic attacks or burnout. We can also use it to purely to improve our breathing and feel more energized, focused and positive. 

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Try this to see how breathwork works.

Take a couple of moments to breathe through your nose, deep into your abdomen, and then out your mouth. Do this five times. You will notice your body relaxing and the mind starts to clear any lingering stressors. What you are experiencing is a sample of what breathwork can do.

At some point in your life, a teacher or a parent explained to you in a very simple way how breathing works. Perhaps it went something like this: When we breathe in, our body takes in oxygen, and when we exhale, we breathe out carbon dioxide. Though this is a fantastic way to give a simple answer, there is much more to consider. Breathing is not just about taking oxygen into our lungs. Breathing involves your whole body. Every single cell in our bodies requires oxygen so it’s important to understand that breathing is just fundamentally good and works in a beautiful way. Our body signals our brain that it needs more oxygen. Our blood cells carry the oxygen throughout our bodies proving the needed energy all while expelling the carbon dioxide. Breathwork is powerful because it clears the mind and the body!

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When we control our breathing, we are controlling the oxygen flow into our bodies. By controlling oxygen, we can influence a number of things. When we inhale deeply with our belly, we can bring our heart rate down to the pace of our breathing, and as a result, our brain releases endorphins, chemicals that naturally occur in the body that help to create a calming effect and reduces anxiety. Studies have shown that the release of endorphins can encourage a number of benefits to our minds and bodies.

There is substantial evidence that breathwork is absolutely good for you. Studies have even suggested it can improve depression, reduces anxiety, and even increase grey matter in the brain—that means it has the ability to improve our brain’s function in relation to our bodies and emotions. Breathwork uses the ability to slow the pace of our heart, suppress stress hormones, and release endorphins to promote healing and improvement in the body.

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