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Studies show that expressing gratitude can improve your mood. People who regularly express gratitude for the positive things in their life are shown to be happier overall, leading to lower rates of stress and depression.

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Are your employees looking for weight loss tips?

Workplace Wellness is an investment which works much like any other investment. You put in time and money in hopes of a more valuable outcome, which in this case is the health of your employees, their families and your bottom line. Engagement, motivation, strategy, and support are the keys to a successful workplace wellness program.

One of the most important reasons to begin thinking about wellness for your employees is prevention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic disease accounts for 75{1e16acf445973e61fdbd53de1c132af7e84fd195cf15d57956db2b0426c8fa60} of total healthcare costs. These chronic conditions, such as stroke, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, are among the most preventable types of illnesses. With an employer-sponsored wellness program, you can provide targeted health education and resources needed by your employees and put health at the forefront of their priority list.

You may be thinking about what this is going to do for the bottom line– after all, we are a business. Not only can you assist your employees by educating and incentivizing them to live healthily, doing so can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. Employees who are healthier have fewer sick days and are more productive than their ‘less healthy’ counterparts. Wellness programs also help to build team comradery and a “culture of wellness,” which in turn, leads to happier, healthier, more productive employees. Wellness programs foster employee engagement with their colleagues through team activities and challenges and strengthen company loyalty. At the end of the day, employees want to be valued and offering a workplace wellness program is a great way for an employer to fulfill that need.

I invite you to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my amazing practical workplace wellness tips. Here’s a summary of this week’s videos.

Here’s a summary of this week’s videos. Read, Listen and Share!

Tip #1. How to manage stress by managing your time with the Eisenhower Priority Matrix

If you regularly push yourself to exhaustion, are easily fatigued, feel wired but tired, you complain & grumble regularly, feel irritable & on edge you’re most probably operating in survival mode and feeling really physically stressed out.

Stress can do a real number on your brain too hitting the neural circuitry responsible for cognitive function, decision making, and mood, which in turn can alter other biological systems including the nervous system, immune system and your metabolism.

Also, too much stress can disrupt your sex life and fertility, the chemicals released during stressful times interfere with your body’s production of sex hormones and throw off your hormone levels leading to irregular periods, fertility problems, and low libido.

In a nutshell, exposure to chronic stress depletes your body’s resources, making you feel tired and lead to burnout!

Oftentimes, our inability to distinguish from the essential to the non-essentials’ tasks will exacerbate the stress response. That is the reason I wanted to share with you this amazing, simple and super applicable tool for managing your time, so you can better manage your stress response.

In this video, I explain the very popular Eisenhower Priority Matrix, that will help you visually see how to not only be productive when selecting your daily tasks but also super-efficient. Understanding this simple grid can help you thrive vs. just simply surviving.

Tip #2. Pay Attention to Your Inner Voice and Self-Talk

Worrying is like a rocking chair – it give you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

We all underestimate the power of our self-talk that inner voice usually over exaggerating making things worse than they really are because our amygdala – which is a part of our limbic brain – love to deal with fear.

I recently experienced this, I was going to turn down an awesome opportunity for fear of failing and luckily I surround myself with pretty awesome people that encouraged me to take the opportunity because hey what’s the worst that can happen. Believe or not this changed my perspective and now when I hear that inner voice – I tell it to bugger off! So next time you’re faced with tough circumstances just pay attention to what you tell yourself and remind yourself that often times things are not as bad as they seem.

Listen to the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #22 & #23 to know how toxins are compromising your health and wellbeing on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

Tip #3. 3 Practical Ways to Manage Your Energy

Do want to learn how to manage your energy better? Here are 3 important practices to more effectively regulate your energy, increase your resilience and handle situations more effectively and help you with your self-awareness.

Every emotion you experience has an effect on your body and on your resilience, whether or not you are aware of it. Every emotion immediately causes changes in your body, affects your ability to build and sustain your energy and either renews or depletes your resilience. So the three techniques are from the HeartMath Institute – Prep, Shift & Reset, and Sustain.

1. The value of Prep cannot be overemphasized. The purpose of Prep is to ensure that before entering a challenging situation, you are in a more resilient and composed state so you are able to meet the challenge and respond optimally. This is not merely thinking about feeling more calm and composed, but rather creating the actual feeling of ease, calm or confidence, which creates coherence. You can Prep for anything. Prep to set the tone for the day, before meetings, before working on projects or meeting with a client.

2. Shift and Reset by practicing a HeartMath coherence technique in-the-moment when challenging events, big or small, occur to stabilize emotions and minimize energy drains as soon as possible. Shift and Reset before resting or going to bed to get the maximum benefits from rest or sleep.

3. Sustain your resilience throughout the day by establishing regular practices to Prep, and Shift and Reset on-the-go throughout the day. Using a technique even when you aren’t experiencing stress reinforces a more coherent and resilient state. It all adds up! With practice, you can learn to Shift and Reset much more quickly after any stressful event and save a lot of energy so you don’t deplete your resilience.

Tip #4. Guided Meditation – Mindful Eating Breathwork

Taking the time to be more mindful before you eat allows you to better digest and assimilate your food so that you can nourish every cell in your body.

One way to do this is through a mindful breathing technique a few minutes before enjoying your meal.

Get started with your workplace wellness strategy with my Workplace Wellness Calendar here.

Tip #5. STOP Eating These Bad Oils – NOW!

STOP eating these oils they are worse than smoking? Stop feeding these oils to your kids. And check the labels because these are everywhere!

Do you know what causes more inflammation in your body, more than sugar and more than processed Carbohydrates?

Vegetable oils like your

❌ Canola Oil

❌ Corn Oil

❌ Cottonseed Oils

❌ Soybean Oil

❌ Grapeseed Oils

❌ Ricebran Oils

Why? because they are unstable when commercially processed they are adulterated and damaged causing them to go rancid. So they are already rancid before you consume them. And then we use them as cooking oils when we heat these oils, we are causing further oxidization creating inflammation and damaging your cells for up to 12 months.

Studies show that up to 20{1e16acf445973e61fdbd53de1c132af7e84fd195cf15d57956db2b0426c8fa60} of oil, after processing are toxic metabolites that cause inflammation, damage and change our behaviours. You can have unadulterated seed oils but they have to be cold pressed. However, it must definitely say cold pressed and be in a dark glass bottle and it is usually four times costlier.

Check out this simple and easy Green Croquettes recipe.

The alternative healthy fats most recommended are my favourite:

✅ Olive oil

✅ Avocado oil

✅ Grass fed organic butter & ghee

✅ Coconut oil 

Coconut oil it the most stable of them all to cook with, because it contain saturated fats, which are stable fats that do not get damaged by heat. Heating can kill any oil but with normal cooking, but coconut oil stands up very well. It’s also very good for the brain because of the short and medium chain fatty acids.

If you’re ready to leverage your workplace wellness strategy and explore how to optimize individual, team and your company’s performance, book your complimentary Workplace Wellness call here.