Workplace Wellness Whisperer – (August 27)

Hello Workplace Wellness Seeker,

Happy Saturday! I’m super excited to be hosting online breathwork sessions every
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🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

People that practice gratitude consistently report a host of physical benefits
including: stronger immune systems, less bothered by aches & pains, lower blood
pressure, better sleep, and so many more. 


Give a team member a small gift as a way to show your gratitude. (I.e. Gift
card, coffee, lunch, offer to pay for an Uber Eats order for them).


“While the last few years saw the demand for wellness programs become more real-time and impactful in a remote working environment, the coming year will push the boundaries of wellness even further”.

Welcome to Savoia Self-Care Workplace Wellness. Today, where employees are still reeling from the aftermath of the pandemic, wellness programs do more than just ensure employees remain healthy. They also help build the employer brand, promote engagement, and ensure people continue working with the company.

My Workplace Wellness Calendar can guide you with some ideas for implementing your wellness strategy. 

Labour market trends like the ‘Great Resignation’ resulted in employees leaving their companies in search of better opportunities. These opportunities were in the form of better job satisfaction, higher pay, and in many cases a result of prioritizing self-care. Moving ahead in 2022, wellness programs prioritising self-care would be important.

For HR professionals, this means providing and encouraging self-care in the form of simple yoga and meditation along with holistic nutrition. They need to be a partner in their employee’s health and well-being journey, helping them build the right habits and providing tools to take of themselves. By linking self-care with the larger trend of personal improvement, companies can ensure their employees get the best out of their wellness programs.

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Here’s a summary of this week’s 5 tips that can help you personally and professionally.

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Tip #1. Is Green Tea Really Good for YOU?

“Green Tea” Is it a fad or are there any health benefits?

According to a report from the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Green tea is used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and can help with several health problems.

A 2016 meta-analysis of observational studies suggested that daily green tea drinking is associated with a decreased risk of cognitive impairment. Green tea is different from other teas because it is made from unoxidized tea leaves and is less processed than most other teas.

When you begin your day with green tea it will help you replace other unhealthy beverages. It can be calming and reduce anxiety. It lowers cholesterol and improves the brain function.

So make sure you get your cup or two today and every day.

Listen to the Self-Care Goddess Podcast Episode #6 on your favourite podcast delivery platform or listen directly on my website where we dive deep on how to master your mindset. And create a life outside of your comfort zone, so you can truly live a life of meaning and purpose

Tip #2. How to multitask effectively?

Although I’m not a big fan of multitasking because studies show that we can only truly multitask when it comes to highly automatic behaviours like walking. However, for activities that involve conscious attention, we are task switching, often times with less accuracy and focus.

However in a recent study published by the Royal Society Open Science Journal, it found out that women do have the ability to multitask as compared to their male counterparts. While we all struggle with time and deadlines here are some tips that can help you multitask without sacrificing effectiveness for efficiency.

1. Make a Plan

It’s vital that you know how you are going to tackle each project and have that laid out so you don’t have to do too much on-the-spot thinking or brainstorming.

2. Combine Similar Tasks to Work on at the Same Time

It’s vital that the tasks you’re working on have something in common, as your short-term memory can only handle so much. Keeping the tasks you’re working on similar will make it much easier to complete them effectively and efficiently.

3. Eliminate Distractions. Turn off your cell phone. Move into a quiet area. Maybe you want to listen to music or whatever your technique is, dedicate yourself to these tasks and these tasks alone.

4. Consistently Check in with Your Tasks and Goals

Make sure you are checking and rechecking your work throughout the process. Set small steps for each project so that you know you’re moving forward as opposed to plateauing.

5. Take Time to Review Your Work

When all is said and done, it’s imperative that you take the time to pay attention to specific details and review your work. Check what your original assignment was, and make sure the final product ticks off all the boxes.

People try and fail to multitask all the time, but if you can master these skills, you can be a valuable asset to your workplace. Subscribe for more workplace wellness tips like these.

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Tip #3. Breakthrough Breathwork

We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. Your breathing quality has an incredible correlation to your health. The average person takes about 20,000 – 25000 breaths per day. Is each breath helping you or causing you more problems?

The purpose of this online New Moon Breathwork Experience is to help you feel more vibrant, alive and live your highest vibrating life.

This breathwork can accomplish this through many different outcomes, such as:

– emotional & physical release, nervous system reset, mental clarity, deep meditation, mystical experiences, inner child connection and healing, rebirth experiences and so much more. My intention as your facilitator is to hold a space conducive to transformation that allows you to feel safe to have these experiences and to guide you through it being fully present throughout the entire process.

During these monthly sessions, we couple the transformational breathwork experience with the energetically powerful energy of the New Moon.

The New Moon supports fresh starts, cleansing, releasing, intention setting, and manifesting, all synergistically supporting your self-development journey.

I invite you to join the monthly online New Moon Breathwork Experience. Purchase your online tickets here:

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Tip #4. 5 Ways To Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Listen up managers this video is for you – are you truly maximizing your team’s potential?

For most employees, while compensation is important, there’s more to effective talent management than paying a high salary. 

In fact, 94% of employees would stay with an organization that invested in their career development. Cultivating and harnessing employee potential through genuine and transparent interactions in the workplace has been shown to benefit both the employer and the employee in the long run.

There are 5 proven ways to maximize your team’s potential.

1️⃣  Be a good mentor to your employees

2️⃣  Give them your ears

3️⃣  Get them to hep you solve hard problems. Doing this would help launch them out of their comfort zones and bring out hidden potentials they didn’t realize they had in the first place.

4️⃣  Remind them of the bigger picture. When they see the big picture, life has a special kind of energy and meaning. Focus on establishing that. Become clear about what you want them to achieve and why.

5️⃣  Help them manage their time. If we have zero time management skills, 15-minute tasks can turn into 45 minutes, or even longer. Share a time management tip with your team and recognize those who implement them.

I invite you to focus your energy on executing these ideas so you can maximize your team’s potential every day.

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Tip #5. Do Yoga for Brain Health

Have you given a Yoga class a try?

Yoga with its emphasis on breathing practices and medita­tion brings mental benefits, such as reduced anxiety and depression. What may be more surprising is that it actually makes your brain work better. When you lift weights, your muscles get stronger and bigger.

When you do yoga, your brain cells develop new connections, and changes occur in your brain struc­ture as well as function, resulting in improved cog­nitive skills, such as learning and memory. Yoga strengthens parts of the brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, awareness, thought, and language. Think of it as weightlifting for the brain. 

The easiest way to begin your Yoga journey is with sun salutations. It is preferred that you face the sun as you work, and expressing your gratitude to the higher power of the Sun, the life source of the Earth.

If you’re ready to leverage your workplace wellness strategy and explore how to optimize individual, team and your company’s performance, book your complimentary Workplace Wellness call with me here.