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Sharing gratitude can improve social bonds. People have reported feeling more
loved and more connected to others in their lives when they routinely practice
gratitude or those around them practice gratitude.

🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

What is one thing that went well for you in 2022?


Why New Year’s Should Be A Time for Corporate Wellness Resolutions?

Around the world, motivation to train is never higher than on January 2nd. On-site company gyms are packed, memberships are sold in droves, and enrolment in digital or wellness-coaching programs skyrocket. New Year’s resolutions may often fail, but the momentum, excitement, and intentions behind them demonstrate that people often have an interest in transforming their health, but consistent engagement, motivation, and support is a challenge. That’s why I propose that companies set wellness goals for 2023. Setting company-wide wellness objectives makes health a priority, gives middle managers the incentive they need to engage employees in a meaningful way and creates a powerful employment brand to recruit and retain high achievers.

My Workplace Wellness Calendar can guide you with some ideas for implementing your wellness strategy. 

Wellness programs are designed to help employees identify healthy lifestyle choices, improve their health, contain health care costs and increase productivity and retention of healthy employees.  That’s a lot to accomplish in a year!  Congratulations on leading your company for 365 days of wellness! 

Before you define your resolutions for 2023, take the time to evaluate and celebrate 2022 wellness program milestones.  While these successes and lessons learned provide valuable benchmarks for the coming year, do not forget that the core mission of a wellness program is to create a culture of health.  Take the time to celebrate success and recognize achievements in creating a healthier and more productive workforce.

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Here’s a summary of this week’s 5 tips that can help you personally and professionally.

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Tip #1. Breath Awareness Meditation

Breath awareness means paying close attention to the breath as you allow it to come and go on its own, you become an observer of the breath. Practicing breath awareness can be a key factor in learning how to become more self-aware of our emotions. When we are more self-aware of our emotions we can begin to self-regulate our stress response and truly respond to stress and avoid reacting to it.

The objective of this meditation is to you relax and become aware of your breath.

This simple breath awareness meditation is a mindful practice and is a great way to train your focus and concentration. Learning to notice your breath without judgement, just being with the breath.

Listen to the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode# 65 with Dj Alexis Fllow titled “Ecstatic Dance: Healing Through Movement”

Tip #2. Is Green Tea Really Good for YOU?

“Green Tea” Is it a fad or are there any health benefits?

According to a report from the International Institute of Sustainable Development, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Green tea is used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine and can help with several health problems. A 2016 meta-analysis of observational studies suggested that daily green tea drinking is associated with a decreased risk of cognitive impairment. Green tea is different from other teas because it is made from unoxidized tea leaves and is less processed than most other teas. When you begin your day with green tea it will help you replace other unhealthy beverages. It can be calming and reduce anxiety. It lowers cholesterol and improves the brain function. So make sure you get your cup or two today and every day.

Tip #3. Do You Have A Morning Routine?

According to the hotspots of longevity around the world, Purpose is the #2 secret for living a healthy long life. The Okinawans from Japan call it “Ikigai” and the Nicoyans from Costa Rica call it “Plan De Vida”, for both it translates to “why I wake up in the morning”. In all Blue Zones people have something to live for beyond just work. Research has shown that knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy. One practical way to help you with your purpose is to establish a morning routine. Yup I know it sounds simple but it’s super powerful. A morning routine helps us set the tone for the day, better allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedules controlling us. As we start each day fresh, we can better focus on what is in front of us, where to prioritize our time, and, ultimately, increase our productivity. I have found that I am most productive as soon as I wake up. So I tend to do all my creative tasks in the morning. After my 60mins of self-care which is usually a mix of Breathwork, Yoga and weight training or spin. Creating a morning routine for yourself is essential to a successful life. Waking up a little earlier than usual will give you ample time to focus on your goals and conquer the day with more energy, mindfulness and strength.

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Tip #4. 5 Ways To Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Listen up managers this video is for you – are you truly maximizing your team’s potential?

For most employees, while compensation is important, there’s more to effective talent management than paying a high salary.  In fact, 94% of employees would stay with an organization that invested in their career development. Cultivating and harnessing employee potential through genuine and transparent interactions in the workplace has been shown to benefit both the employer and the employee in the long run. There are 5 proven ways to maximize your team’s potential.

1️⃣  Be a good mentor to your employees

2️⃣  Give them your ears

3️⃣  Get them to hep you solve hard problems. Doing this would help launch them out of their comfort zones and bring out hidden potentials they didn’t realize they had in the first place.

4️⃣  Remind them of the bigger picture. When they see the big picture, life has a special kind of energy and meaning. Focus on establishing that. Become clear about what you want them to achieve and why.

5️⃣  Help them manage their time. If we have zero time management skills, 15-minute tasks can turn into 45 minutes, or even longer. Share a time management tip with your team and recognize those who implement them.

I invite you to focus your energy on executing these ideas so you can maximize your team’s potential every day.

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Tip #5. Do Yoga for Brain Health

Have you given a Yoga class a try?

Yoga with its emphasis on breathing practices and medita­tion brings mental benefits, such as reduced anxiety and depression. What may be more surprising is that it actually makes your brain work better. When you lift weights, your muscles get stronger and bigger. When you do yoga, your brain cells develop new connections, and changes occur in your brain struc­ture as well as function, resulting in improved cog­nitive skills, such as learning and memory. Yoga strengthens parts of the brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, awareness, thought, and language. Think of it as weightlifting for the brain. The easiest way to begin your Yoga journey is with sun salutations. It is preferred that you face the sun as you work, and expressing your gratitude to the higher power of the Sun, the life source of the Earth.

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