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Sharing gratitude can improve social bonds. People have reported feeling more
loved and more connected to others in their lives when they routinely practice
gratitude or those around them practice gratitude.

🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

Who is the one person you are grateful for in 2022?


Let us start the new year with a winning wellness program! As the wellness industry continues to evolve, we can see now how important health and wellness plays in our lives resulting in increased work productivity/performance, less stress-more happiness and life longevity. All these wonderful benefits – a better quality of life and an enhanced work culture; can be achieved with a simple health and wellness program. 9 out of 10 corporate businesses offer some sort of wellness initiative these days.

My Workplace Wellness Calendar can guide you with some ideas for implementing your wellness strategy. 

Creating a workplace wellness program is a wonderful way to boost company morale, work performance, and lower healthcare costs in these devastatingly expensive times. If planned strategically it can increase sales, reduce absences and workers compensation/disability costs. ✨Case and point: A health and wellness program is the way to go! So let’s start 2023 off right…but where do you start? We at Savoia Self-Care provide personal, attainable and measurable results with the wellness program. Jump on a quick FREE call with me to learn what all the buzz is about!

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Here’s a summary of this week’s 5 tips that can help you personally and professionally.

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Tip #1. Adopt a Fasting Lifestyle For Optimal Wellbeing

“Have you tried fasting yet? The benefits are incredible and the research is astounding. Fasting helps to reduce inflammation, lose stubborn weight, increase energy and mental clarity, and even boost your immunity. My Hot Tip: If you want to try fasting, begin slow and try pushing back your breakfast by 30mins-1hr and ensure that you don’t eat anything 3 hrs before bed. But I always recommend working with a certified professional. Keep following me for the unique benefits of the different types of fast. One type of fast is called The Fasting Mimicking Diet®, or FMD®, is a high nutrition, low protein, low carbohydrate meal plan in which calories are restricted for 5 days out of a month. The fasting mimicking diet has the benefits of fasting without depriving the body of food. This diet has been proven to beneficially change biomarkers associated with aging, inflammation, and poor health. I love FASTING. It saves me a lot of time in the morning. I skip breakfast & just have a Bulletproof coffee or my mushroom morning elixir. Imagine how much time, money, & energy you could be saving if you started fasting, today. Contact me for more details if you’re ready to start your fasting lifestyle.

Listen to the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #28 with Grace Van Berkum where she gives simple and practical tips on how and why to consider a plant based diet.

Tip #2. 5 Ways To Increasing Your Stamina

Do you want more stamina? Here are 5 ways to increasing it. Stamina is the strength and energy that allow you to sustain physical or mental effort for long periods of time. Increasing your stamina helps you endure discomfort or stress when you’re doing an activity. It also reduces fatigue and exhaustion. Having high stamina allows you to perform your daily activities at a higher level while using less energy. I recommend these 5 tips to build stamina: 1.Exercise. Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you’re feeling low on energy, but consistent exercise will help build your stamina. All my podcast guests recommend at least 20 minutes of walking everyday to reap so many health benefits. 2.Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation can greatly increase your stamina and ability to handle stress. It will give you a sense of overall well-being by increasing endurance and reducing fatigue. 3.Music. Listening to music can increase your cardiac efficiency. Research has proved we have a lowered heart rate when exercising while listening to our favourite music. 4.Ginseng. Ginseng is an herb that is used for overall health and vitality. It can also be used to boost cognitive function, reduce stress and boost energy levels. 5.Good Quality Sleep. Sleep has a positive effect on speed, accuracy, and reaction time. Without a good night’s sleep we are not able to think clearly and may be more sensitive, moody, or irritable.

Tip #3. Mindfulness Gratitude Meditation for Mental Health

This gratitude meditation is a daily practice to learn how to take things with gratitude. Whether it’s the little day-to-day things or the most important people in our lives, appreciating them helps us shift our perspective from a place of lack to one of abundance. Research studies show that a daily gratitude practice helps with depression, building personal resilience and improving mental health by literally rewiring our brain to be happier. In the wise words of author G.K. Chesterton, “When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” Let’s practice how to develop an attitude of gratitude. Namaste.

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Tip #4. What to Eat to Live to 100?

Do you want to live passed 100? Then eat like this. About 95% plant-based and 5% animal-based. A typical centenarian plant-based diet from the famous Blue Zones is made up of beans, and legumes including fava, black, kidney, chickpeas and lentils, complex carbs like garden vegetables and ancient grains, and accented with meat. Meat is largely reserved for Sundays and special occasions. Of course I always recommend starting with fiber first, so have a salad – the bitter the better – like arugula or spinach to get the enzymes going and prepare your body to digest your food. Going plant-based can sound like a daunting task if you’re a meat lover, but you can begin with just a few meals a week and ensuring that you always have something GREEN on your plate. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and want an accountability partner contact me to help you begin your plant-based journey today.

Check out my amazing ‘Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina’ recipe.

Tip #5. Sleep Aid Breathing Technique

Are you having trouble sleeping or quieting the mind? This is a powerful technique for engaging your parasympathetic response to help you quite your busy mind before sleep and for deep relaxation by extending the exhales. Take a breath in, then exhale through your mouth with a whoosh sound. Close the mouth and inhale through your nose to a mental count of 4, hold for 7, and extend the exhale for 8 with pursed lips. Repeat this cycle for at least four breaths.

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