Workplace Wellness Whisperer – (Mar 19)

Hello Workplace Wellness Seeker,

Do you know how emphasizing wellness in the workplace can positively transform your office culture?

Health and happiness are major priorities for me, both personally and professionally. Developing a culture of employee wellness throughout my company reaps great rewards. When my staff live their best lives, they’re excited to work productively each day. And, putting job performance aside, it’s gratifying to know that my team is happy and healthy. In my opinion wellness is being consistently committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond.

I invite you to benefit from my daily wellness tips on my YouTube channel to help you and your employees to help you and your employees support wellness at work and at home.

I’m really excited to be sharing with you a summary of this week’s workplace wellness tips. These 5 tips are easy to implement, I love simplicity and practicality and I’m sure you do too.

Tip #1 – Mental Health Hacks

Do you want to improve your Mental Health, especially during these times?

Ensure you’re taking care of your GUT! But what does taking care of your GUT actually entail? On my blog post I have explained in detail, 7 Ways that I believe contribute to a healthy Gut and ultimately a healthy brain. Our brain is made up primarily of FAT! So it makes sense to eat healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, ghee, and the oils naturally occurring in fish that are anti-inflammatory and promote the natural production of Serotonin – more on this later.

These healthy fats also have high amounts of antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative stress and are essential for brain health and development. My favourite way to ensure I’m supporting my Gut Health is through eating lots of greens (fibre), Intermittent Fasting, activating the Vagus Nerve via gargling, nature walks, gardening, and of course meditating.

Tip #2. Myth: Do You Know What Motivates & Drives Your Team?

Do You Know What Drives Your Team? Are you a manager wanted to increase your team’s performance?

You need to understand what motivates and drives your team members – basically their Values. Values can change throughout our life and at different stages our values can be different.

If we analyze individual people within a business and draw a value profile from the collective what you will find it that you can generally boil down to 7 values. AllanMiller argues that understanding the company’s collective values is the best way to do cultural change within companies. If you value your staff and people in your organization, you get twice back. How you value people tends to be challenging for some leaders and managers because they do the same for everybody. When we understand that people can be different and appreciate other people’s profile; we are able to manage and communicate differently with each individual and get the best results. As a company if you understand what motivates and drives people, you can then manage them.

Good organizations recognize the different personalities, communication styles and reward accordingly. A lot of people after a performance management appraisal in the workplace, come out feeling suck at their job because their value structure isn’t connected to their KPIs (key performance indicators). The way we can make them feel understood is change some of the KPIs to align their top two values. Aligning KPIs with their values creates a truly personalized performance appraisal experience.

Listen to episode # 32 with Allan Miller, where we dive deep into this topic and how to increase your self-awareness on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

Tip #3. How To Achieve Your Goals?

Did you know that 90{1e16acf445973e61fdbd53de1c132af7e84fd195cf15d57956db2b0426c8fa60} of new year resolutions fail by February?

This is because when goals are difficult and challenging, people go off track. Most of us have a mission for ourselves which are goals or objectives we want to achieve in the next six months. We write down these SMART goals. But to be authentic I advise you to have accountability for yourself and also be accountable to someone else to ensure you are on track.

Rather than having 50 goals that are vague and without self-direction, look at something tangible and make yourself accountable in order to move forward. Pick just one goal but that one goal should be so brilliant and clear that you can see it, touch it, feel it, smell it, and go towards it. Take personal responsibility and focus on what you want to achieve.

In the beginning of the year, I don’t like to set goals, but instead set intentions by asking yourself the question: “Who do I want to be by the end of the year?” And then figure out what actions, behaviours, and habits will support that.

Tip #4. Adopt a Fasting Lifestyle For Optimal Wellbeing

Have you tried fasting yet? The benefits are incredible and the research is astounding. Fasting helps to reduce inflammation, lose stubborn weight, increase energy and mental clarity, and even boost your immunity.

I love FASTING. It saves me a lot of time in the morning. I skip breakfast & just have a Bulletproof coffee or my mushroom morning elixir. Imagine how much time, money, & energy you could be saving if you started fasting, today.

🔥My Hot Tip: If you want to try fasting, begin slow and try pushing back your breakfast by 30mins-1hr and ensure that you don’t eat anything 3 hrs before bed. But I always recommend working with a certified professional.

Keep following me for the unique benefits of the different types of fast. One type of fast is called The Fasting Mimicking Diet®, or FMD®, is a high nutrition, low protein, low carbohydrate meal plan in which calories are restricted for 5 days out of a month. The fasting mimicking diet has the benefits of fasting without depriving the body of food. This diet has been proven to beneficially change biomarkers associated with aging, inflammation, and poor health.

Get started with your workplace wellness strategy with my Workplace Wellness Calendar here.

Tip #5. How To Mitigate The Harmful Effects of Artificial Light

Did you know that artificial light can contribute to sleep problems, weight gain, increased aging and stress? Here are some practical super-easy tips to start incorporating in your life & routine today to help mitigate the effects of artificial light.

1. Expose yourself to early morning sunlight for at least 20 minutes every morning. This will increase dopamine and productivity will skyrocket.

2. Watch the sunset every day. Even if it is cloudy. This light will make us a bit less vulnerable to the destructive effects of artificial lights afterwards.

3. Stop eating for 3-4 hours before bedtime.

4. Get into the habit of taking light breaks throughout the day enabling the circadian clock to stay in harmony with the light outside. Set a timer on the phone and after every 90 minutes, get outside for five minutes, just take in the sunlight and then go back to work.

5. When the sunsets use blue light blocking glasses, my favourite are the @VivaRays

All these tips ultimately lead to a wonderful night’s sleep, help stay asleep longer & deeper and then wake up the next morning feeling more energized, focused and ready for the day.

Which one of these tips will you try to prioritize for your wellbeing and your team’s wellbeing?

If you’re ready to leverage your workplace wellness strategy and explore how to optimize individual, team and your company’s performance, book your complimentary Workplace Wellness call here.

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