Workplace Wellness Whisperer – (May 28)

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Happy Saturday! I’ve been coming across a lot of information on self-image and self-confidence lately and how empowering it is to be comfortable in your own skin. Developing your self-confidence starts with how we relate to ourselves. Check out my post on my Instagram or Facebook

Gratitude and appreciation are core positive psychology practices that have been shown to boost physical, mental, and emotional health. 

🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

Who is one colleague that you’re grateful for?


Over the past two years, companies have had to rethink their workplace strategies and HR policies as employees moved from the office to remote work.

This shift has undoubtedly impacted the employee experience as reported in Forbes 2022 HR trends that “disruptions have already made long-term and hard-to-reverse impacts on workforce health which includes the health of employees, the state of trust between individuals, teams and leadership and the work environment.”

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Moreover, we know the employee experience is intrinsically linked to the customer experience. Happy employees are more likely to have positive interactions with customers and be more invested in positive outcomes. Achieving this outcome requires companies to make ongoing investments to ensure employees have access to the tools, resources and support they need. Most successful organizations have prioritized its employees because it was the right thing to do and in doing so, it built a stronger connection, a better product and happy customers. What will your organization do?

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Here’s a summary of this week’s 5 tips to prioritize employee well-being to foster a better customer experience.

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Tip #1. Create a Dedicated Office Space

Ok so you may not have an extra bedroom for your home office,

however, creating a separate office space can help make you feel more productive. A dedicated office space helps to avoid distractions and stay focused on the day’s tasks.

Make sure your new workspace has natural light, all of your materials, and is away from too much noise. If possible, avoid working on your bed or on the couch. Apart from the back pain, it will be difficult to get into a working routine in these spaces. 

A separate working space also lets you disconnect at the end of the day. If your office is also the place where you sleep and watch television every night it will be difficult to differentiate work from relaxation.

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Tip #2. Do You Have A Morning Routine?

According to the hotspots of longevity around the world, Purpose is the #2 secret for living a healthy long life.

The Okinawans from Japan call it “Ikigai” and the Nicoyans from Costa Rica call it “Plan De Vida”, for both it translates to “why I wake up in the morning”. In all Blue Zones people have something to live for beyond just work. Research has shown that knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to 7 years of extra life expectancy.

One practical way to help you with your purpose is to establish a morning routine. Yup I know it sounds simple but it’s super powerful. A morning routine helps us set the tone for the day, better allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedules controlling us.

As we start each day fresh, we can better focus on what is in front of us, where to prioritize our time, and, ultimately, increase our productivity. I have found that I am most productive as soon as I wake up. So I tend to do all my creative tasks in the morning. After my 60mins of self-care which is usually a mix of Breathwork, Yoga and weight training or spin.

Creating a morning routine for yourself is essential to a successful life. Waking up a little earlier than usual will give you ample time to focus on your goals and conquer the day with more energy, mindfulness and strength.

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Tip #3. Expressing Love for Optimal Wellbeing

Have you showed some lovin’ to someone today?

It’s important to show others the love that we want for ourselves. Begin your day with a loving gesture towards a friend, family, neighbour, colleague or even a pet. You can show love to the universe in any small way possible that would add value and give back to society.

The key is sincerity and to give love without any expectation of a return. Receiving and expressing love makes our emotional health stronger. Love, affection and caring can all be shown in several different ways. All of these ways need to be meaningful to you, and useful. Start today. The world needs you. Be sure to click the subscribe button for more tips.

Tip #4. Rhythmic Breathing Is Good For Your Mental Health

Did you know that slowing down, paying attention to your breath, focusing on the timing and pace of your breath does to your brain?

A recent study in the Journal of Neurophysiology revealed that several brain regions that are linked to emotion, attention, and body awareness actually get activated when we pay attention to our breath. Paced breathing involves consciously inhaling and exhaling according to a set rhythm. For example, you might inhale for four counts, hold for 2, exhale for six, and hold for 2 and then repeat.

These findings represent a breakthrough because, for years, we’ve considered the brain stem to be responsible for the process of breathing. By tapping into these networks using the breath, we gain access to a powerful tool for regulating our responses to stress. Quick breathing rates may trigger feelings like anxiety, anger, or fear and we tend to be more attuned to fear when we’re breathing quickly. Conversely, it is possible to reduce fear and anxiety by slowing down our breath and engaging our diaphragm.

Different types of breathing (rapid, intentional, and attentional) are linked to activation of brain structures involved in thinking, feeling, and behaviour. I invite you to use breathing strategies as a tool to help you manage your thoughts, moods, and experiences. Listen to several of my podcasts regarding different breathing techniques and subscribe to my YouTube channel for some demonstrations. 

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Tip #5.Try This Herb To Support Your Liver

Do you know how you can support your liver? Milk thistle is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. It is native to Mediterranean countries. It is also called Mary thistle and holy thistle. I recommend you use milk thistle for problems with the liver and gallbladder . Silymarin is the primary active ingredient of the herb. Silymarin is an antioxidant compound taken from milk thistle seeds. It supports the liver function by supporting protective glutathione levels. It also optimizes the production of bile that makes fat digestion and absorption easier on the liver. Milk thistle is particularly beneficial if your liver is damaged by industrial toxins, found in your personal care products.

You can take small cup once or twice a day. It odourless and easy to consume. Try it out and incorporate this in your daily routine for improving digestion and for detoxification.

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