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Did you know that the aging process itself is related to inflammation? This is now being referred to as Inflammaging- chronic, low-grade inflammation that characterizes what we refer to as aging. Check out my post on the Top 10 Causes of Inflammation in my Instagram or Facebook

Sharing gratitude can improve social bonds. People have reported feeling more loved and more connected to others in their lives when they routinely practice gratitude or those around them practice gratitude.

🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

Send a quick gratitude message to another colleague at work that you’re grateful for, and let them know why you’re grateful? 


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that:

  • 59 percent of employees lack minimum exercise in their daily life
  • More than 50 percent reported high cholesterol levels
  • 27 percent have cardiovascular problems
  • 26 percent reported BMI as overweight
  • 24 percent face difficulties because of high blood pressure

The bottom line for the organization is employee productivity. And employee health often acts as a roadblock and comes between their productivity. Are you mindful enough to understand this aspect?

Workplace wellness within an organization has become a global priority at present times. Investing in a wellness program can prove a worthy investment for employers to solve the issues faster.

My Workplace Wellness Calendar can guide you how to chart your course to success.

My workplace wellness programs are designed to help employees who live busy lives make simple, small changes that positively impact their physical and mental health. I do this through sustainable habitual behavioural change aligned to the 6 Pillars of Self-Care – mindset, breathwork, connection, sleep, nutrition and physical movement advice, along with employee engagement programs designed to improve an employee’s health and lower obesity. My guidance will help combat the lack of movement from long work hours, reducing aches/pains and lowering medical claims, leading to a reduction in absenteeism.  

I invite you to listen to several of my podcasts regarding different breathing techniques and subscribe to my YouTube channel for amazing practical workplace wellness tips that I share everyday.

Here’s a summary of this week’s videos.

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Tip #1. Do You Know What Motivates & Drives Your Team?

Are you a manager wanted to increase your team’s performance? Then listen to this.  You need to understand what motivates and drives your team members – basically their Values. Values can change throughout our life and at different stages our values can be different. 

If we analyze individual people within a business and draw a value profile from the collective what you will find it that you can generally boil down to 7 values. Allan Miller argues that understanding the company’s collective values is the best way to do cultural change within companies. If you value your staff and people in your organization, you get twice back. How you value people tends to be challenging for some leaders and managers because they do the same for everybody. When we understand that people can be different and appreciate other people’s profile; we are able to manage and communicate differently with each individual and get the best results. As a company if you understand what motivates and drives people, you can then manage them.

Good organizations recognize the different personalities, communication styles and reward accordingly.

A lot of people after a performance management appraisal in the workplace, come out feeling suck at their job because their value structure isn’t connected to their KPIs (key performance indicators). The way we can make them feel understood is change some of the KPIs to align their top two values. Aligning KPIs with their values creates a truly personalized performance appraisal experience.

Listen to the podcast episode #32 with Allan Miller on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast for more details on how to measure your team’s values.

Tip #2. Rhythmic Breathing Is Good For Your Mental Health

Did you know that slowing down, paying attention to your breath, focusing on the timing and pace of your breath does to your brain?

A recent study in the Journal of Neurophysiology revealed that several brain regions that are linked to emotion, attention, and body awareness actually get activated when we pay attention to our breath. Paced breathing involves consciously inhaling and exhaling according to a set rhythm. For example, you might inhale for four counts, hold for 2, exhale for six, and hold for 2 and then repeat.

Different types of breathing (rapid, intentional, and attentional) are linked to activation of brain structures involved in thinking, feeling, and behaviour. I invite you to use breathing strategies as a tool to help you manage your thoughts, moods, and experiences.

These findings represent a breakthrough because, for years, we’ve considered the brain stem to be responsible for the process of breathing. By tapping into these networks using the breath, we gain access to a powerful tool for regulating our responses to stress. Quick breathing rates may trigger feelings like anxiety, anger, or fear and we tend to be more attuned to fear when we’re breathing quickly. Conversely, it is possible to reduce fear and anxiety by slowing down our breath and engaging our diaphragm.

Tip #3. Expressing Love for Optimal Wellbeing

Have you showed some loving to someone today?   

The key is sincerity and to give love without any expectation of a return. Receiving and expressing love makes our emotional health stronger. Love, affection and caring can all be shown in several different ways. All of these ways need to be meaningful to you, and useful. Start today. The world needs you.

It’s important to show others the love that we want for ourselves. Begin your day with a loving gesture towards a friend, family, neighbour, colleague or even a pet. You can show love to the universe in any small way possible that would add value and give back to society.

Listen to the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #41 titled “Owning Your Sh*t: How To Live an Authentic and Fulfilling Life”.

Tip #4. Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

This type of meditation can help manage stress, improve sleep, reduce depression and anxiety, enhance self-awareness and social empathy, promote deep rest and healing, and increases immune function, working memory, focus and attention span.

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation and evoke feelings of love and kindness towards yourself and others and help you experience deep and profound restoration.

Thank-you for sharing this space with me. Namaste.

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Tip #5. How to mitigate the harmful effects of artificial “junk” lighting?

Are you aware of the harmful effects of artificial “junk” lighting?

I’m a Certified Nutritionist and a Holistic Wellness Coach so I’m always looking for amazing self-care hacks to recommend to my clients to improve their wellness.

I’m so happy I came across these, they have been instrumental to taking my wellness to the next level and allowing me to perform at mu highest level. I highly recommend investing in the VivaRays because you’re making an incredible investment in your health and wellbeing.

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One of my Self-Care pillars is sleep, and what I love most about VivaRays Clip’N’Go glasses, is that I get such an amazing good night sleep when I put them on at sundown. I definitely notice the difference when I’m not able to put them on because I don’t get that much needed deep and restorative sleep, I don’t wake up as energized and I’m not as focused the next day. Because my brain seems like it’s constantly in thinking mode, I had a difficult time shutting down and falling asleep, it would literally take me hours, just laying there in bed, my body was tired but my brain was not. But once I started using the VivaRays, it’s so much easier for me to fall asleep, just like that, and I feel so refreshed in the morning.

I can help and guide you re-architect work, with human focus at the forefront, so you can thrive today and for years to come.

If you’re ready to leverage your workplace wellness strategy and explore how to optimize individual, team and your company’s performance, book your complimentary Workplace Wellness call here.