Workplace Wellness Whisperer – (September 24)

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Happy Saturday!

Building daily gratitude habits and communicating more appreciation toward
others are  some of the simplest ways to gradually shift to a more positive
mindset and experience the joys of life more deeply.

🙏Gratitude Practice🙏

 I invite you to recall a grateful moment in your life. Visualize it as it’s happening right now, relive it right now.


A business thrives when its people do!

Workplace wellness programs not only improve organizational productivity but also benefit companies with cost savings and resource availability. A study performed by Johnson & Johnson indicated that wellness programs saved organizations an estimated $250 million on health care costs between 2002 and 2008. Studies performed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that organizations that incorporated exercise components into their wellness programs decreased healthcare costs by 30% and improved lost work days by 80%!
I assure you investing in preventative health practices has proven to be more cost effective in resource spending and improving employee contributions towards health claims.

My Workplace Wellness Calendar can guide you with some ideas for implementing your wellness strategy. 

Workplace health programs can improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, demonstrate concern for employees, and improve morale in the workplace. Research proves that companies with comprehensive workplace wellness programs and appropriate health plans in place can yield $3 to $6 for each dollar invested. Leadership involvement in wellness programs can additionally impact employee health outcomes just as well as the programs themselves. A study performed by David Chenoweth indicated the managers who were passionate and committed about their wellness programs increased employee
engagement by 60%, even if their wellness goals were not achieved. Leaders are not only tasked with creating the organizational culture but also in coaching and motivating employees to be engaged in that culture.

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Here’s a summary of this week’s 5 tips that can help you personally and professionally.

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Tip #1. How To Mitigate The Harmful Effects Of Artificial “Junk” Lighting?

Are you aware of the harmful effects of artificial “junk” lighting?

I’m a Certified Nutritionist and a Holistic Wellness Coach so I’m always looking for amazing self-care hacks to recommend to my clients to improve their wellness.

One of my Self-Care pillars is sleep, and what I love most about VivaRays Clip’N’Go glasses, is that I get such an amazing good night sleep when I put them on at sundown. I definitely notice the difference when I’m not able to put them on because I don’t get that much needed deep and restorative sleep, I don’t wake up as energized and I’m not as focused the next day. Because my brain seems like it’s constantly in thinking mode, I had a difficult time shutting down and falling asleep, it would literally take me hours, just laying there in bed, my body was tired but my brain was not. But once I started using the VivaRays, it’s so much easier for me to fall asleep, just like that, and I feel so refreshed in the morning.

I’m so happy I came across these, they have been instrumental to taking my wellness to the next level and allowing me to perform at mu highest level. I highly recommend investing in the VivaRays because you’re making an incredible investment in your health and wellbeing.

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Tip #2. Are Your Habits Serving You Or Working Against You?

Habits are automatic choices that influence the conscious decisions that follow. Once completed a habit can shape the actions that you take for minutes or hours afterward.

According to James Clear, habits are like the entrance ramp to a highway. They lead you down a path and, before you know it, you’re speeding towards the next behaviour. How do you develop good work habits? It’s often best to start small with one or two areas you want to improve. If you try to change all of your work habits at once, you may feel overwhelmed. Focus on one area that can have a significant impact on your overall work. For example, if your disorganization is slowing you down, putting into place a few organizational strategies such as making a daily to-do list, may help you to be more productive overall. Every year The 24th of January is actually celebrated as clean your desk day. Organization is super important. Having good work habits does not mean keeping your eyes glued to your computer. It includes knowing how to take care of yourself. Getting proper sleep. Eating right. Taking time to relax and recharge. As Maya Angelou said, “Nothing will work unless you do.”

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Tip #3. Eye Exercises For Computer Eye Strain

We are using digital devices more than ever and my computer eye strain is REAL and can lead to dry eyes, blurry vision and even headaches. When working on a computer it’s a good idea to follow the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can also try rolling your eyes in a circular motion with your eyes open and then closed. To help lubricate the eye try slowly blinking every 5 seconds, I know it sounds easy but we often forget to blink as often as we should. And my favourite one is rubbing your palms to create some heat, then gently cover your eye without pressing hard, open your eyes in the darkness and hum on your exhales to relax your eyes and your mind. Try these exercises a few times throughout your workday.

Tip #4. Get Your Body Moving With Chair Yoga

How are you moving your body throughout your workday?

It’s important to take physical and mental breaks throughout your workday. Even-though I don’t recommend it, sometimes, it’s difficult to leave the office and go for a walk. So the next best thing is chair yoga. Try these simple and quick exercises, do about 20 repetitions 3-5 times throughout your work day. 

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Tip #5. Expressing Love for Optimal Wellbeing

Have you showed some lovin’ to someone today?

It’s important to show others the love that we want for ourselves. Begin your day with a loving gesture towards a friend, family, neighbour, colleague or even a pet. You can show love to the universe in any small way possible that would add value and give back to society.

The key is sincerity and to give love without any expectation of a return. Receiving and expressing love makes our emotional health stronger. Love, affection and caring can all be shown in several different ways. All of these ways need to be meaningful to you, and useful. Start today. The world needs you. Be sure to click the subscribe button for more tips.

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