3 Pillars of BREATH, Presence & Mindset

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Did you know that giving out compliments is one way to express gratitude? Try it. 

🙏🏽 Gratitude Practice 🙏🏽

What is one healthy food that you feel nourishes you and you love to eat? Next time you eat it – spend a few seconds and show it some lovin’ by expressing gratitude for it.

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Have you heard the term “Take a Breather!”? Breathwork gives new meaning to it and encompasses various techniques that incorporate intentional use of the breath. You can learn to regulate the flow of breath to balance the body and mind. Researchers study the effects today, but the power of breathing has long been revered in many cultures.  Practices range from simple deep breathing to more advanced methods.

Breathwork is an all-natural, at-your-fingertips way to enhance your wellbeing!

When we breathe consciously, the mind slows down and hones into the present moment. That causes a sense of relief, allowing us to go back to our day-to-day activities feeling clear and focused. Even the smallest break can go a long way in boosting concentration and calmness. Breathwork can open gateways to profound personal and collective healing.

A new study conducted by Yale University, students who participated in a yoga and breathwork program self-reported improvements in stress, depression, positive effects, mindfulness, and social connectedness. The study compared the breathwork program to an emotional intelligence program which didn’t show any remarkable changes. The breathwork program is what seemed to have the most positive effect on participants’ overall mental health. The benefits of breathwork include reducing stress and inflammation to alkalizing your blood PH levels.

Breathwork involves manipulating your breathing rate to change how you’re feeling and there are several types of breathwork practices, like Diaphragmatic Breathing and Alternate Nostril Breathing, which you can watch me demonstrate on my YouTube Channel.

Health is not only the body, not only the mind, not only the emotions. It’s holistic. Breath is the anchor, because it’s our connection to life, our spirit and our essence. Breath has moved with us through every experience we’ve had pre-birth, and post birth. We were breathing in the womb, and receiving our mother’s emotions. We take our first breath as we arrive in the world, and then our breath accompanies everything we experience in life. The other pillars are presence and mindset. The key is presence; how present we can be to ourselves and to another human beings. The mindset is coming to know oneself and how we talk to ourselves.

I encourage you to work with a well-trained, certified instructor to help you become familiar with various breathing methods before attempting them by yourself.

It is important to know the proper positioning, the desired effect, and have an awareness of any indicators to discontinue practice. In some cases, it is not advisable to practice on one’s own even after learning from an instructor.

Take a deep breath, relax, and discover the benefits that breathwork has in store for you!

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For more details on the 3 pillars listen to episode #17 of the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

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