9 Fasting Myths Debunked | Rita Savoia | SCGP: 59

Did you know that an average person spends 15% of their daily thoughts on food wondering- “What’s for my next meal?”

That’s why I love FASTING. One of my favourite benefits of a fasting routine is that it saves me a lot of time in the morning. I usually skip breakfast and just have my version of a bulletproof coffee or my mushroom morning elixir. I usually have lunch after 2pm because I’m not hungry until late afternoon. Imagine how much time, money, & energy you could be saving if you started fasting today! In the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #59, I talk about Fasting; a topic that has become widely popular these days although it’s been practiced by so many people for centuries, especially for religious reasons. Both men and women of all age ranges have jumped on this health and fitness solution to help them achieve their health goals.

In this very interesting episode we chat about:

✅ Advantages of adopting a fasting lifestyle

✅ 9 Myths About Fasting Debunked

✅ How to begin a fasting journey

✅ Time-restricted feeding

✅ Intermittent calorie restriction

✅ Periodic fasting with fasting mimicking diets

✅ And so much more.

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