Are you a mouth breather?

Happy Self-Care Sunday! How often do you appreciate mother nature and all its wonders? This morning I did some breathwork at the beach while the majestic sun was rising. Check out the view here

A good breathing habit is to keep your mouth closed when you’re not speaking, but also avoid breathing through your mouth, especially while sleeping.

The primary function of our mouth is to chew our food and it’s not to breathe. Our nose is actually the primary organ that’s responsible for breathing. The nose is designed for breathing. It warms, moistens, filters and delivers the air in the most optimal way. So when we are mouth breathing, we are activating the fight or flight nervous system. This sympathetic state gets us easily flustered, looking for negative situations, sending blood flow away from our digestive organs, increasing our blood pressure & blood sugar, stopping our digestion, causing fatigue and ultimately reducing our overall quality of life.

Check out the dangerous side effects of mouth breathing below.  

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