Are Your AirPods Safe? EMF Risks

Do you think EMF is a concern?  Have you considered the scope of health risks linked to EMF?

In an enlightening conversation with R Blank on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #54 we discuss the science, research, and some practical free solutions to help minimize the inevitable EMF radiations that were surrounded by in order to live a healthier life with less EMF exposure.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. There are native or natural sources for EMF like sunlight and the Earth’s own magnetic field are also sources of native EMF. EMF is a force created by the combination of electricity and magnetism. The non-native EMF comes from everything that defines modern society. This includes our cell phones, WiFi, refrigerators, power lines, radio and television. There are certain forms of EMF with more energy than visible light. These forces are called X rays and gamma rays. It is universally accepted that these rays are dangerous even in small doses. There is no way of getting rid of EMF unless we go back to 1850’s. Thus, there is a need for safer ways to use technology around us.

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How is non-native EMF harmful?

In my podcast Blank says that there is incredibly strong science which shows men who carry phones in their pockets have much lower sperm count than men who don’t. Women who carry phones in their bra have increased chances of miscarriage and birth defects. EMF exposure suppresses melatonin production in the endocrine system which impacts sleep quality. Substantial evidence links EMF to increase in rates of brain tumors. Research has proved EMF links to thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

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EMF exposure can also lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and negatively impact forces that are fundamental to life. We can see it in reproductive abilities and general health of plants and trees, die offs of bee colonies and disruption of migration patterns of birds throughout nature. The Frey effect was a research performed by the military in 1960’s which shows EMF exposure can trigger tinnitus. Research from the 1990s, performed by doctors Henry Lai, shows that even short exposures to radiation from cordless phones similar to cell phones today, leads to an increase in the rates of breaking in DNA strands. DNA is made up of two strands and exposure to EMF radiation from a cordless phone led to the destruction of one or both of the strands. This is a mechanism by which cells can die or mutations occur which is a pathway for disease.

Why must we shield ourselves from non-native EMF?

Blank says that we really need to do something about EMF exposure because nobody is immune. Some people are more vulnerable having electro hypersensitivity (EHS) and develop allergic reactions, intense pain, migraines, rashes and other symptoms due to EHS. Eventually more and more people will experience EHS because the amount of EMF in our environment continues to grow drastically. One conservative estimate is that by just walking down the street in a city today, not holding a cell phone, the level of exposure is over 1 trillion times higher than what we would normally have in nature. This is one conservative estimate, there are several estimates much greater than this. All our bodies and physiologies are unique. Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCs) or Lyme disease are some triggers that make people more likely to develop EHS because we live in a world that is increasingly toxic.

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How can we incorporate a safer use of technology?

  1. Maximize the distance between your body, and your devices when they’re on and in use. In this safer approach increase the distance as much as possible. The power of EMF radiation diminishes exponentially with distance. If we have a phone, and it’s an inch away from our body, and we double that keeping it two inches away we’ve cut the power of that exposure by 75%. But if it’s right up against our body, we are getting the maximum possible dose that device has.
  2. Minimize your use of non-native EMF-generating tech. Do not use smart tech when you can avoid it. If there’s a piece of smart tech, look at its functionality and use for you. Don’t just get smart tech, because of what’s available. We already have a very high level of EMF exposure, every new wireless device will increase that for us & our family. Kids today are growing up in a world with so much more non-native EMF so if you have kids in the house, definitely take additional precautions to not have excess levels of non-native EMF generating tech in your life.

What are some free things that we can do to help protect us from non-native EMF?

EMF shielding is universally accepted technology. Going back almost 200 years since Michael Faraday created the first Faraday cage. This showed that if we weave conductive metals into certain patterns, we can block and deflect EMF radiation by using this shielding gear available. Here are some free things that we can do to help protect us:

  1. Not carrying your phone in your pocket or bra.
  2. Put it in airplane mode, because when you put it in airplane mode, it cuts out all of the EMF, although there’s still a tiny bit that comes off because it’s still running on power. Even in airplane mode we can use downloaded podcasts or games.
  3. Turn off your Wi Fi at night to cut your exposure without interfering with your enjoyment of wireless technology. So many people notice an immediate improvement in their sleep quality.
  4. If you need your phone to be on, probably turn off WiFi and Bluetooth.
  5. Distance matters. Keep the WiFi router as far away from where you and your family spend time.
  6. Nature walking. Spend time in nature because it helps with negative ions. Research proves that these negative ions will definitely offset some of the positive ions we are bombarded with from devices, wearables and appliances. This grounding or earthing requires us being barefoot in areas where we can come in direct contact with the planet like walking barefoot on the beach, park or your backyard. This can reduce the number of free radicals accumulating in our body, which in turn reduces inflammation.
  7. Don’t use your laptop on your lap.
  8. Delay getting your child a phone.
  9. Never speak on your phone up to your head, maintain a minimum separation. The phone manual always says to stay under legal radiation limits which means keep a minimum separation distance between the phone and your body. So instead of holding it up to your head, use a wired headset or speakerphone.
  10. Be mindful of the EMF you’re getting from your car and take measures to minimize it.
  11. When you’re using kitchen appliances, like a blender, walk away from the appliance. If you’re still using microwave, you should stay as far as possible – in the next room if you can. Microwaves are huge sources of EMF exposure. But I highly recommend avoid using them altogether.
  12. If you’re willing to and can afford to, move out to a rural area, to have less exposure.

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Take Home Message

I am sure these human optimization tools will benefit you from the EMF overload we have in society today. We must look at what’s is in our control and what we are willing to do and do that because each bit helps. EMF exposure is hard to understand, which makes it easier to ignore. We definitely become addicted to our tech and love the experiences that are offered to us by these sources of EMF increasing our risk and exposure tremendously. Like I always say it’s not all doom and gloom! There’s a lot you can do to start making a big difference in your own life today.

For more information listen to the full podcast episode #54 with R. Blank on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

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