Breathwork Can Transform Your Body

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How can Breathwork control our body?

When we control our breathing, we control the oxygen flow into our bodies. By controlling oxygen, we can affect a number of things. When we inhale deeply with our belly, we can bring our heart rate down to the pace of our breathing, and as a result, our brain releases endorphins, chemicals that naturally occur in the body that help to create a calming effect and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that the release of endorphins can encourage a number of benefits for our minds and bodies.

There is substantial evidence that breathwork is absolutely good for you! Studies have even suggested it can improve depression, reduce anxiety, and even increase grey matter in the brain, which means it has the ability to improve our brain’s function in relation to our bodies and emotions. Breathwork uses the ability to slow the pace of our heart, suppress stress hormones, and release endorphins to promote healing and improvement in the body.

As a certified Breathwork Facilitator, I invite you to connect with me to know more about the amazing power of breathwork and learn some breathwork techniques that can help you better manage yourself to lead a high vibrating life and thrive as you age.

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Here are 5 ways in which breathwork can help our body:

  1. Immune System Booster
    We often associate stress with the mind and emotions, but stress manifests in our bodies in
    more ways than we realize. When stress hormones are released, we have to find some way
    to deal with them. This is where breathwork comes into play. Consistent use of breathwork
    exercise, especially when it’s paired with physical exercise, can help you make your immune
    system stronger.
  2. Reduces Blood Pressure and Improves Blood Circulation
    When we take deep breaths to calm ourself, we notice our heart rate beginning to drop. The
    influence breathwork can have on the heart can lead to improvements to our blood pressure
    and overall circulation.
  3. Breathwork Is Good for Your Looks
    When you practice your breathwork in the gym or in any fitness session, you’re exercising.
    We all know that exercising helps anyone look even better than they already do. Proper
    breathing, especially deep breaths into the abdomen can help encourage proper posture.

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 4. Minimizes Chronic Pain

 A lot of chronic pain is linked to stress and circulation. With that in mind, it is easy to realize that chronic pain can be minimized and potentially treated with the use of breathwork.

5. Releases Negative Thoughts

Typically what we are thinking influences our bodies. Proper breathing techniques can encourage positive thoughts, or even neutralize negative ones. Training our breathing can help us stay calm when we need it.

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I am a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Connect With Me to know more on the amazing power of breathwork and learn some breathwork techniques than can help you better manage yourself.