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I’m super excited to be hosting online breathwork sessions every New Moon to help
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Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

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One of my greatest life lessons was. . .

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Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention & certain breathing techniques can make life better. But where do you start?

Breathing is so central to life that it is no wonder humankind long ago noted its value not only to survival but to the functioning of the body and mind and began controlling it to improve well-being. Every relaxation, calming or meditation technique relies on breathing, which may be the lowest common denominator in all the approaches to calming the body and mind.  All breathwork methods aim to slow, deepen or facilitate breathing, and they use breathing as a focal point or a metronome to distract attention from negative thoughts.

I invite you to join the monthly online New Moon Breathwork Experience. Purchase your online tickets here.

If you’re looking to heal, transform, or transcend, it’s vital to know the quality of your breath shapes the quality of your life.

Most of us don’t pay attention to how we breathe.

And often we unknowingly develop breathing habits and rhythms that leave a negative impact on our health and performance, our resistance to stress, and even our lifespan.

Optimal breathwork is the foundation of many healing modalities, both spiritual and scientific.

Medical professionals now prescribe breathwork to millions, including Covid patients. And whether you’re deep in meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, or even tapping into altered states: your breath is always the key focus.

Check out the Self-Care Goddess Podcast “How To Make Healthy Habits Stick?” episode #81 today.

Breathwork is the process of breathing with conscious awareness and is a powerful way to enter into the depths of the subconscious, accessing the body’s inherent ability to heal. Like meditation, breathwork is a practice that is thousands of years old; it is a means for deep emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. By oxygenating the body, increasing blood flow, and moving beyond the thinking mind, it is a potent tool to release stuck and stagnant energy and tune back into intuition, creativity, and wisdom. The body is all-knowing, and the breath allows us to connect back home to our truth.

The act of conscious breathing raises our energy and our vibration, becoming a portal to our highest selves and a means to reach our full potential.

I invite you to watch my YouTube video titled “Breath of Fire: Ignite the Fire in You”

Although the gifts of breathwork are many, here is a list of ten to show just how incredible breathwork truly is!

1. Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension

2. Connects us back home to Self

3. Allows us to feel safe to sit with emotions

4. Releases trauma

5. Re-establishes clarity and creativity

6. Fosters self-love

7. Magnifies intuition

8. Frees us from limiting beliefs

9. Guides us to be our own healer

10. Lets us consciously explore altered states of consciousness

I am a certified Breathwork Facilitator. Connect With Me to know more on the amazing power of breathwork and learn some breathwork techniques than can help you better manage yourself.