Could Dirty Electricity Be Making You Sick?

In the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #73, B.D. Erickson, running the country’s leading clean power manufacturing facility and Montana’s most proficient solar company, talks about how and why dirty electricity is inefficient, wasteful, damaging, and harmful to natural biology, including insects, plants, animals and humans. In the world today, where natural resources are dwindling and energy prices escalating – the ‘go green’ buzz has transcended popular culture and devices like phones, pads & LED’s are exacerbating a global pandemic. 

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What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is all the spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy traveling along power lines and building wiring beyond the acceptable standard. This type of EMF (electromagnetic field) pollution is created by electronics and other electrical devices that must change/ manipulate standard electrical current to operate. Once created, this unusable dirty electricity spreads throughout the building and even to other buildings via wiring and power lines. As it travels, it radiates potentially harmful electromagnetic fields into living and work environments. This EMF can come from many things and one major portion of it is the transmission of electricity. EMF exposure is cumulative – it doesn’t instantly kill you but it begins to cause illness, disease, discomfort and it adds up over time. Moving away from the power lines helps us escape the dirty electricity exposure, however once 5G enters the neighborhood, it’s a 4 hour per day bombardment that is impossible get away from! Besides Wi Fi, the cell towers, 4G, LTE and DISH Network are all potential hazards.

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What are the harmful effects of dirty electricity?

Electricity is something that did not exist 25 years ago in the form it exists today. This dirty electricity modern world problem is persistent now than ever before globally. Some of us are more susceptible than others. Young children in their developing years and women feel it more because the female biology is more receptive. The main symptom is tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which is very common, other symptoms include not getting restful sleep, autism, fibromyalgia, hormone imbalance, infertility and diabetes. With dirty electricity, we are dealing with something that we can’t see, smell or taste and yet it’s poisonous. The magnetic field itself, can’t be seen but it’s self-evident and can be felt with the push & pull of two magnets. Its presence is beyond reasonable contestation even though you can’t see it. Many people are suffering with dirty electricity symptoms and searching for a cure or relief. As a first step, B.D. advises to get an electricity meter and find out where the toxic exposure is coming from.

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How can we reduce our exposure?

An EMF field has two major attributes:

  1. Intensity
  2. Frequency

Let us understand this with an analogy. Imagine “I give you a little punch. How hard I punch you is the intensity. Frequency is how many times I am doing it. The faster I do it, the higher the frequency.” So when we are trying to reduce exposure we need to keep both of these attributes in mind. Most of us want to use our iPhone, check Instagram occasionally, indulge in online shopping etc. but B.D. advised that we must be very intentional with it. Here are some strategies that we can use to overcome the harms of dirty electricity:

  1. Don’t keep the Wi-Fi constantly on. Turn it on, download content and turn it off after use.
  2. Use hardwires as often as possible to connect.
  3. People have a tendency to charge their phone at night by their bed. This is the worst thing you could do. Turn your phone completely off (not airplane mode) especially at night. Charge it in the kitchen and not in the family room or near any sleeping quarters.
  4. Just like TV and other gadgets, for EMF, limit the bombardment. Be mentally very cognizant of how much exposure you are getting.
  5. For good restorative sleep, spend lesser time with devices.
  6. Avoid 5G. It is like a microwave with an inevitable harmful field of exposure.
  7. Do not buy power perfect products. Equip yourself and protect your family with wise products.
  8. Avoid purchasing a house under power lines.
  9. Do not let your kids sleep with their devices that are communicating constantly with the towers.
  10. Get an alarm clock that runs with batteries and do not use your phone for an alarm.
  11. Avoid keeping your phone in your pocket.
  12. Be empowered with education/ knowledge and remember that you have a lot of control over your amount of exposure.
  13. Indulge in a digital detox.

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Erickson has created two main product lines that can be used to reduce EMF and 5G Exposure:

  1. Filters that provide a clean power and reduced electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.  They plug in or wire into the electricity, filter, clean and regulate the electric service removing 95% of the dirty electricity.
  2. A physical shield also called field shield because it shields you from the field. This is a reflective insulation and the two best places for this are: near the smart meter and your bed. It’s like a poster, 2*4 feet in size with a small wire that has to be plugged in/ grounded.

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Take Home Message

Let’s create awareness for all the dirty electricity present in our surroundings. Turn unnecessary gadgets off, don’t buy high-tech devices and get out of the dirty electricity zone. Change and take action where you can and where you can’t buy the appropriate protection that fits your need. There is no one size fits all, you must have something that’s right and specific for you. Arm yourself with power. Test yourself and get a meter to find out what your culprits are so that you can protect yourself. Lastly, do not expose yourself to things that break down your cellular health. Instead ground yourself with frequencies that heal you.

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