Create The Life You Want: Tips For Being The Artist Of Your Life

What does it mean to be the artist of your life?

On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #83, Jessica Charuk talks about her struggle with Self-Confidence and Self-Love that left her feeling burnout and unfulfilled. This struggle pushed her into deeper levels of Self-Discovery and wholeness. With the help of various tools such as meditation, breathwork, affirmations, mindset and mentorship we can discover the path of loving our soul unconditionally. In this podcast we share some tips & tricks on how to unleash our artistry to create the dream life with the help of 5 archetypes/ energies that one can embody after understanding the impact they will have on our life.

This blog post summarizes just a few of the golden nuggets from our insightful conversation, for the full details listen to the entire episode here or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for the Self-Care Goddess podcast.

What Does Being The Artist Of Your Life Mean?

The term ‘Artist Of Life’ captures how we view ourself and how we live life. As life artists, we are empowered co-creators who:

  • don’t just take what’s given to us or
  • do what our parents expect or
  • what society puts on a pedestal of success

We create what a happy life looks like. We have a blank canvas and choose to put whatever we want on it and make changes as well. Life is viewed as a masterpiece, so as artists we make it beautiful, rich, vibrant and unique to our own desires. The term ‘artist’ feels empowering, playful & creative – like an adventure waiting to be created.

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The Artist Environment

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What is a Healthy Circadian Rhythm?

Light and dark exposure are not the ONLY ways to influence your circadian rhythm!

There are 2 key hormones that regulate your d

People have a certain energy to them, a core frequency that they’re emitting in different environments, communities and at the work place. We must figure out what is our true soul/ core essence and the kind of energy we want to be around. If we are not happy or don’t like where we live, we can rework on our home to feel more of the energy that we want. For example, if you like a peaceful tropical oasis energy give your room a makeover. Paint it a bright color, hang up travel photos, get new decorations and bedding so that when you walk into the room, it has the desired high vibrating energy making you feel happy because you have infused so much love into it. It depends on what you want more of that you don’t feel you’re getting in the current environment. For example, if someone living in Toronto prefers more of the Mexico energy but relocation is not possible, try to make your space feel like that by decorating it to give you that vibe or find activities like going out drinking margaritas and salsa dancing in Toronto.

Be empowered and get into the “artist’s” mindset of ‘how can I create this space to be more of the energy that I want to feel and embody by doing the following:

  • Look around where you live for any cafes, you can go to that have that energy
  • Nice hotels to take a weekend trip
  • A one-hour little getaway outside your town
  • Going to the beach
  • More walks out in nature

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5 Archetypes/Energies

With archetypal work a whole new world can open up that helps with Self-Expression and ties into Self-Love for a fulfilling life. Life feels good when we’re fully expressed, accepting all parts of ourselves and reintegrating the shadow sides to feel greater wholeness. In the idea of archetypal embodiment, archetypes are like a character that has certain personality qualities or a certain essence about them. By stepping into that character, even though it may feel a little unfamiliar, it allows you to break from how you are every day and tap into different energies within yourself. Playing with the energy and deciding what kind of archetype it would be best to embody and bring out in a situation helps get people out of their comfort zone and expand the box of Self-Expression. 5 such helpful energies are:

  1. The Inner Child: This is the fun side that’s playful and childlike. It exudes effervescent joy, youthful energy, spontaneity and curiosity about the world. Embody this energy when you are thinking of creating a fulfilling life. Bringing back the inner child essence, generates a spark to life that may have fizzled out as we get into adulthood. The disconnect from inner child energy feels as if the color has drained from life. This energy and zest help bring it back and remove any shame associated with accepting that inner child within all of us. Knowing when to bring it out and how much is important. There are times when this side just wants to come out. For example, we would embody this archetype on our Sunday funday with playful joyous energy flowing from us.

2. The Artist: The artist is the visionary, the one who’s channeling inspiration from God/ the Divine/ the cosmos or the higher power. The artist is taking that energy and vision coming in and then brining it into the world. So, if you were the artist, you have a blank canvas and you’re putting the paint, colors and brushstrokes on it. This is very empowering, “I’m a creator of my life and I get to design it how I please – I can make it super beautiful and however I like.” We can see how people lose touch with their creativity, intuition and divine connection. This archetype helps them to reconnect and feel empowered about creating life according to their desires and dreams.

3. The Alchemist: The Alchemist is the one that takes any challenge/ painful situation/ struggle and uses it as fuel to transform that into a beautiful lesson/ wisdom/ amazing experience. They can take a shit situation and turn it into gold! Through the process of tapping into those painful shadowy emotions by feeling into the fear, pain, abandonment, guilt or loneliness and believing “I’m going to flip this around, I have the power to completely turn this around a 180”. Harnessing this energy of ‘I can alchemize anything and come out stronger than ever’; is a great archetype to help people embody their power and feel the full spectrum of emotions taking them out of the victim mindset. It makes us realize that if we are presented a challenge, we have to go through the fire of it and let it teach us what it’s going to teach us. This gets you on to the next level of why is it happening for me not to me and transform the situation.

4. The Muse: This is the flipside of the artist. Artists are receiving inspiration and creating the art. The Muse is the one that’s inspiring the artists (who watch the beautiful, mesmerizing muse). The Muse weaves a lot of sensuality, radiance and feminine energy. It’s the one that people look at it in awe. This archetype helps specially women, to feel comfortable to beam their feminine radiance out into the world and get in touch with the romantic energy, romanticizing life.

5. The Queen: The Queen may sound controlling or power hungry, trying to be the boss of everyone. But these are the shadow qualities of the Queen. The Queen is the one who is powerful and knows it, but very humble and she’s there to serve others before serving herself. She’s very purpose driven and leads from the heart. This embodiment is all about being of service. The queen is living proof that ‘I am not a second background character but I’m the main character in charge of my own life’. This sovereign energy, responsibility and having a purpose makes the queen very powerful.

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How To Embody These Archetypes?

When we study these archetypes in depth, we spend at least two weeks on each one, just to feel into it by going through certain practices, focusing attention on the different ways to incorporate each archetype in your life so that it becomes natural and second nature integrated in who we are. We can be a blend of these and are able to pull out a certain entity in a certain moment, because there are going to times when one is needed more than the others. So, we can flow and choose when is the right time to embody each one. Going through some exercises, affirmations, meditations, visualizations, embodiment practices, mindset work or even just talk about it to plan out ways we’re going to incorporate this in life are strategies to understand the depth of these 5 archetypes. All of us are unique and some people may have more resistance around certain archetypes and some people may feel more drawn to other ones at certain periods in their life. However, they’re all necessary and we must acknowledge the impact they will have on our life.

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Take Home Message

The best advice for Self-Love and creating more peace in our life is to embody our unique essence and remove the layers of shame from it. This will help us feel deeper Self-Love. Remember that the goals, dreams and impulses that you have are not silly and follow them as they’re meant for you. Each person is different and needed here at this place & time for a reason. Every challenge you are experiencing is preparing you for what you asked for.

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