EFT Tapping For Your Mental Health | Theresa Lear Levine | SCGP: 70

Well-being is our natural state and a higher level of awareness is activated by becoming conscious of our thoughts. On the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #70. Theresa Levine talks about how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can empower us to cultivate calm, clarity and confidence to enjoy abundant freedom and in our work and personal life without anxiety and overwhelm.

EFT also known as tapping, is a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom/medicine and modern psychology. EFT applies to everybody and everything. It’s a psychological acupressure. With EFT we can change and transform the way we feel about anything. Physical and emotional experiences that happened long ago or happening right now and anxieties /worries that are future based can all be worked upon in an effective, scientifically proven way of focusing on the negative thought/ feeling/ experience and tapping different meridian points on our body, such as:

  • the side of the hand (the karate chop point)
  • the top of the head
  • the eyebrow (where the hair starts near the nose)
  • the outside of the eye
  • under the eye
  • under the nose
  • under the mouth
  • the collarbone point (a little bit under our actual collarbone)
  • the under the arm point (where a bra strap would come around the body for women)

These points give an energetic overhaul to our body that allows us to clear energetic blockages. If we have any kind of disease emotionally or physically, there is an energetic blockage associated with that disease. The combination of tapping and talking through the negative feelings and emotions allows us to break through these energetic blockages, feel better, reduce stress and lower cortisol levels up to 43% in just 10 minutes!

In this exciting podcast episode we chat about:

✅ What is EFT tapping?

✅ What are the benefits?

✅ How to tap?

✅ What are the applications of EFT?

✅ How to use EFT to address anxiety?

✅ What is the science behind EFT?

✅ 3 important facts about EFT

✅ And so much more.

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