Happy 2nd Year Anniversary: Year In Review

Welcome to Season 3 of The Savoia Self-Care Goddess Podcast. This podcast show is my commitment to providing you with inspirational conversations that are evidence and research based on some awe-inspiring stories from our valued guests. I’m not sure if you noticed, but this season I did take a pause for a few weeks due to family responsibilities, only to be back with even more amazing news and broadcasts in the upcoming season 3.

Today is a very special anniversary episode, celebrating the second anniversary of my podcast. I can’t believe it has been two amazing productive years. In season 2, a few of my speakers are those whom I connected with during my travels to Mexico, Columbia and Guatemala. It’s been a joy and a humbling privilege to have interviewed extraordinary people who share their journey of finding meaning and purpose in life. These marvellous men & wise women teach us so many practical tools and skills that can help bring power & passion to the work we do so that we can lead the high-vibrating lives we all deserve.

In this podcast I summarize the knowledge, success tips and best advice shared all throughout these seasons that resonates most with my listeners. Like I always say, Self-Care is not selfish, its Self-Love. 

In this inspiring solocast episode, it indicates which podcasts pertain to the following pillars that you can check out: 

✅ Women’s Health 

✅ Mindset Mastery 

✅ Metabolic Flexibility 

✅ Ayurveda & Toxins 

✅ Conscious Breathwork & Yoga

✅ Overall Self-Care

✅ And more. 

me or if the immune system is weak.

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I believe there is always more to share and more to learn everyday. On the first episode of the 2nd season Ysabel Viau says “Trust yourself to make the right decisions” and later in episode #51 Jojo Bellescize similarly says “Take the time to trust yourself”. Hosting the Self-Care Goddess Podcast was certainly a right decision Motivated by and dedicated to my beautiful strong and amazing role model aunt in heaven Zia Annalisa. In this podcast I summarize the knowledge, success tips and best advice shared all throughout this seasons that resonates most with my listeners. Like I always say Self-Care is not selfish, its Self-Love. You can’t pour from an empty cup and besides it’s not rocket science – just a few basic consistent practices and beliefs can be the formula to self-care and holistic healing when we pay a little attention to ourselves. I quote Kate McDowell from episode #49 who said “Put effort and energy into yourself. It’s your own healing journey”.

On this quote of my viewers comments “Couldn’t agree any less”! Thank you, dear listeners. I am so grateful for your encouraging comments on my podcast posts which read “love it”, “wonderful”, “well said” and “wow great talk”. Thank you for your love and I am glad to make a positive difference to your lives. Please do continue to share your feedback and encouragement in Season 3. Follow Self-Care Goddess podcast on Apple or Spotify and check out my Instagram and Facebook posts for regular updates, pull quotes and interesting take away’s that I regularly share.

All the podcasts in season 2 revolve around 6 broad topics that are very much aligned to my pillars of Self-Care.

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Women’s Health

  1. How To Harness YOUR Feminine Energy & Universal Laws with Allyson Chavez on SCGP: 66
  2. 3 Secrets to Reversing YOUR Biological Age with Larisa Petrini on SCGP: 56
  3. Tantra Self-Care with Viktoria Kalenteris on SCGP: 57
  4. Living with Herpes: A Woman’s Story with Alexandra Harbushka on SCGP: 75

Mindset Mastery

  1. Using Psychedelics for Mental & Emotional Health with Chase Chewning on SCGP: 50
  2. Embody Your Full Potential: Break Free From Fears & False Perceptions with Amy Wong on SCGP:62
  3. How To Connect & Trust Your Intuition? with Meghan Telpner on SCGP: 68
  4. EFT Tapping For YOUR Mental Health with Theresa Lear Levine on SCGP: 70
  5. Escape The Victim Mentality NOW & Become the Author of Your Best Life! with Winnie Wang on SCGP: 74
  6. How to Ignite Your Inner Awakening with Mahima Lucille Klinge on SCGP: 76
  7. Reversing MS with Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle with Kate McDowell on SCGP: 49

Metabolic Flexibility

  1. Everything YOU Need To Know About Melatonin: Beyond A Sleep Aid with Scott Beyer on SCGP: 53
  2. 9 Fasting Myths Busted with Rita Savoia on SCGP: 59
  3. How Can You Create Freedom Through Fitness? with Bryce Henson on SCGP: 67
  4. Your Ultimate Guide to Insulin Resistance with Rita Savoia on SCGP: 72
  5. Ecstatic Dance: Healing Through Movement with Alexis Fllow on SCGP: 65

Ayurveda & Toxins

10 Ayurveda Tips for a Healthy Gut with Sarah Kruse (Part 2) on SCGP:47
How to Balance Your Hormones with Ayurveda? with Sarah Kruse (Part 3) on SCGP: 55
LONGEVITY: Secrets From Ayurveda! with Sara Kruse (Part 4) on SCGP: 61
Could Dirty Electricity Be Making You Sick? with B.D. Erickson on SCGP: 73
Are YOUR AirPods Safe?  with R Blank on SCGP: 54

Conscious Breathwork & Yoga

  1. BREATH: A Powerful Tool To Relieve Anxiety with Patrick McKeown on SCGP: 60
    2. How To Grieve The Loss of YOUR Loved One with Erin Burden on SCGP: 63
    3. Vipassanā Silent Retreat: A Journey Inwards YOUR True Self with Pouya Iranitalab on SCGP: 64

Overall Self-Care

  1. 10 Cancer Coping Strategies with Ysabel Viau on SCGP: 46
  2. Omega Oils: What you NEED to know! with Udo Erasmus on SCGP: 71
  3. Using CACAO as a catalyst for healthy living with Jordan de Bellescize on SCGP: 51
  4. Tantra Self-Care For Men with Viktoria Kalenteris on SCGP: 69

I invite you to podcast episode #11 “Nutritional & Lifestyle Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism”, on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

My Mission

I also featured some amazing business such as Sunshine mattress with Laura DiLorenzo, Mighty Benefits of Monolaurin with D. Sununtnasuk and GoodyGut with Andrea Menzies.

My mission is to raise awareness about valuable self-care habits that promote life-long health and wellbeing and empower millions of midlife women to become their own health hero. On each episode I ask my podcast guests to share their favourite Self-Care habits and what I realised is that most high performing individuals have some very common Self-Care habits. Here is a summary of Self-Care habits talked about in season 2 (meme): The past 2 years have been a gratifying and rewarding journey. Sending out immense gratitude my speakers for their time and generosity & the treasure of knowledge they shared. Also, a special thank you to my audience for listening and connecting. If you want to upgrade your healthy living and take it to the next level, be sure to join us every week for inspiring conversations with experts and thought leaders! Don’t forget to follow on Apple Podcasts.

Please share your feedback with me in the comments or by email; I am enthusiastically waiting to know what you loved and learnt!

I invite you to read my blog post “EFT Tapping For Your Mental Health”.

Here is a summary of the most common self-care habits from guests in Season 2. For past podcast guests self-care habits, check out my Instagram or Facebook page.

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