How To Connect & Trust Your Intuition?

“Where attention goes, energy flows”. Tony Robbins

In the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #68, Meghan Telpner, a Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition shares with us her insights on intuition. We discuss the different types of intuition, various perspectives on how to bring more intuition into your life and what to eliminate that could be dampening your intuition.

Different people have different levels of intuition and the great news is that anyone can learn it and harness it. Intuition is a “knowing” gift that anyone can have. All humans and animals are born with an intuitive knowing. Intuition is a way between decisions.  After listening to this podcast you will have some tools to help you connect, trust and be able to readily check-in with your intuition.

This blog post summarizes just a few of the golden nuggets from our insightful conversation, for the full details listen to the entire episode here or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for the Self-Care Goddess podcast.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is a “knowing” gift that anyone can have. All humans and animals are born with an intuitive knowing. For example, with young children, when someone walks into the room with a certain energy, the child will either naturally gravitate towards them or want nothing to do with them. Allow them feel whatever they want to feel and not force them to kiss/hug the person. We are all born with this intuition and we program it out of us because our society is brain centered, not heart centered. We lose the ability to understand the language of intuition which is the language of the heart. There are three types of intuition:

  1. Implicit knowledge: This is when you know something, but you don’t know how or why you know it. You may have learned it 10 years ago and forgotten about it. Examples are – you’re trying to remember someone’s name, recalling a familiar face, trying to solve a problem etc. A powerful exercise is to write down the question you have and step away from it. The brain will work in the background subconsciously and suddenly the knowledge or resource you need will strike in the mind. This is the implicit knowledge and the most basic form of intuition.

👉 To access more of implicit knowledge, step back and take a break. Be in nature, go for a walk, move your body or do something creative.

2. Gut feeling or Energetic Sensitivity: Let us understand this with an example you go for a first date and within a minute you know, if there’s any potential chance of connection or not. Most people can convince themselves; they didn’t feel what they felt. You know “this isn’t what I expected” but on paper that date checks all the boxes so you give it time, eventually a marriage and 5-10 years later, you realize that you knew from the first moment, this wasn’t the right fit, but didn’t give enough credit to that energetic sensitivity. This is a nervous system detection. Our nervous system runs through our entire being. The energetic field extends up to 3ft around us. With practice this energetic field can make you a human magnetic. People want to be in that circle around you. When you are tuned in to this type of intuition you gravitate towards and feel someone else’s nervous system vibration as well. This is quantum physics that can be seen when two people are practicing coherence together or two joyful high vibration people are together, the impact of that intuitive power/energy is greater than the sum of its parts. 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2, it equals a million!

👉 To enhance energetic sensitivity practice meditations, coherence practice, breathwork, yoga or anything where you get into your body and become more aware.

3. Non-Local Intuition:

  1. Non-Local Intuition: Non-local is hardest to trust because you have no grounds for it. It is a thought in your head or a hunch. This is commonly called pre-cognition, telepathy or clairvoyance. This is when you know something before it happens. Meghan shares with us some interesting research relating to entrepreneurs that have multiple successes with businesses due to non-local intuition. For example, knowing a trend is coming before it comes, having the sense/ feeling that something’s going to be a hot topic, before it becomes a hot topic, a need in the market for a product etc. This is a practical application of the non-local intuition or pre-cognition. Most people have had an experience called dejavu, which is a precognition, you have known that something was going to happen consciously or subconsciously and suddenly, you’re in the experience/moment. Another example of non-local intuition is when you think about somebody and they call you right away or you run into them in the grocery store and feel/say, “I was just thinking about you”! Pre-cognition is your psychic powers, impossible to explain in everyday language.

👉 The best thing to do is start writing it down. When you think about someone and then they call you or show up, write that down. The more you tune into these instances, the more you’ll begin to trust your intuition.

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Precognition Vs Self-fulfilling Prophecy

We may contradict precognition as the self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning “you’ve been saying it all along, that is why it’s happening”. So, what is the difference between precognition and self-fulfilling prophecy? Megan asks us to think if we really need to know the difference?! It is a fact that our mind creates our reality and the world we live in. Whether it’s a law of attraction or intuition, it is all part of the same beautiful ability that humans possess and have forgotten about so it’s highly untapped. We know from NLP and coherence that when we change our energy, the mind works differently. This is where actual manifestation becomes extremely real because what you can create in your life (with the mind) is super powerful. An interesting consideration is gratitude practice – the more you practice gratitude, it doesn’t mean better things are going to happen in your life. Instead, a gratitude practice helps you to reframe how you envision the world around you and this changes the way you live. The question of whether it is precognition, intuition, manifestation, or a law of attraction – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we have this ability, but we live in a world that prioritizes the scientific method of logic and brain powered thinking that requires evidence to support any decision.

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How To Tap Into Your Intuitive Abilities?

We all have the ability to tap into different types of intuition and it will feel differently for different people. Most traditional cultures include basic praying, chanting, meditation, movement or ceremony which are all a way to tune in to the heart knowledge. The heart resonance and the memory we carry in our heart is extremely powerful. Intuition is as clear as what your brain will tell you once you start retraining it. The message will not be as clear as the constant monologue in the mind telling us to do everyday tasks. Intuition is quiet.

  • for some people it will be a voice,
  • for some people a feeling,
  • for some people it will be an energetic sensitivity or gut feeling,
  • some would get a sensation up the back of their neck that happens specially with breath work,
  • some people will have a vision and
  • some have an auditory sensation where they will hear something.

So different people will experience the messages/signals or symbols differently. The powerful thing about tuning into intuition is the confidence it gives you. The more intuitive you are, the more confident you become. You become confident in your relationships as well as a business owner when you make a billion decisions.

Here’s an interesting exercise: Make a list of 3 good decisions you made in your life. Make another list of 3 what you consider bad decisions where your intuition failed you. Under each three good decisions, write out three negatives that resulted and under the three bad decisions write three positives that resulted from each one. What this exercise teaches us is that essentially there is no good or bad – right or wrong decision because they all lead to exactly where you’re supposed to be in life. Maybe we didn’t have the outcome that we wanted but maybe that was saving us from something else, guiding us to learn something that we could be applying on a bigger picture or down the road.

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What Can Dampen Intuition?

The more distracted you are, the more dysregulation you will experience on every level. Lack of sleep, being tired, stressed, malnourished or over scheduled where you have no moments to dissect and process conversations/ actions/ encounters can all dampen intuition. We need to process what we are going through in the day. Sometimes, too strenuous exercise may also take you away from intuition. Many people like the high stress in running marathons because it releases endorphins and dopamine that uplift mood and make you feel better. However, that is actually taking you away from what your heart, soul, spirit and adrenals need. All the fear and bombardment of messages from social media mostly overwhelms our ability to get quiet and tune in to be confident in our own decisions.  

Tune in to get closer to yourself, because that’s where unraveling in your life can happen and realization strikes, and you say to yourself, “I’m doing all of this on the hamster wheel which isn’t bringing me joy”. While all I want is to feel peace, calm, happiness, joy and fulfillment, which are the core elements of human spirit everyone is seeking. The first step is recognizing whatever is not working anymore. Live with exquisite intention and a clear vision of the life you want to live and then make decisions which support that vision.

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Take Home Message

Things happen in our lives all the time but we are usually too distracted and fail to see the magic that is in every moment. The best exercise you can do is practicing coherence every day and start keeping track of these things because that is a way to build the brain, the logical trust in the inner knowing that we all inherently have. The more you recognize, acknowledge and trust it; the more you can receive this guidance that creates clarity, confidence and calm in making the right decisions. This decision making process carries a lot of power. Nutrition is important because you cannot tap into your intuition if it’s clouded by sugar, refined grains, processed foods, canola oil and all other garbage in the food supply. Trusting intuition is critical for fulfilling our potential as a human on planet Earth.


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