How to Ignite Your Inner Awakening

On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #77, Mahima shares with us her inspiring story about why mindset matters when you want to live your highest vibrating life, become unstuck, eliminate confusion and find inner peace.

This blog post summarizes just a few of the golden nuggets from our insightful conversation, for the full details listen to the entire episode here or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for the Self-Care Goddess podcast.

What Is Inner Awakening?

Inner awakening is a shift of consciousness that allows you to start accessing more peace, joy and love. Daily meditation and breathwork help us connect with our inner self – resulting in awakening and reconnection to the divine truth that is always present within us. Every time we meditate, we go deeper and feel more expansion, love and joy. It helps us continue to investigate the limitless possibilities of Self-Empowerment. Society and school condition us to not trust our innate intuitive sense which is the voice of our heart. Without this inner connection/ grounding, we generate too many negative thoughts that take us to dark places. This is why most people find life ‘dark’ and believe that light and happiness are difficult to attain, while actually the opposite is true.

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Living In the Present Moment & Planning For The Future

When we become present in the moment, we discover a light or being inside ourself that is extremely powerful and allows us to let go of fear, smallness, confusion, anxiety or depression. People struggle with being in the present moment because they want to be in the present but plan for the future as well. According to the Mahima Mindset, this is a fine line, because the future is a delusion. The truth is that we can leave our body at any second. However, it is good to have a plan and vision for our life that gives us direction while we are alive in the body. Today we are planting the seeds for our tomorrows. Today’s reality is made up of yesterday. Planning is like planting seeds into the earth. Some seeds will grow into a fruit rapidly, but some, like a powerful oak tree may take 300-400 years. Happiness and peace are an inner state that has nothing to do with external circumstances, events or people. If we understand that happiness and light are always here now (in the present moment), then we can use the power of a meditation practice to bring focus out of the past or future into self-awareness right now. “I came into this world with nothing, I’m going to leave with nothing” literally means life is a game. Tell yourself that “I’m going to play this game with elevation, dignity and grace”. There is nothing that can be accomplished to give me more joy than the joy of being myself in the moment. This means that fulfillment comes from being easygoing with what’s happening now.

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Self-Reflection Question Bank

  • We need to understand in which situations to act because we can influence them and where to surrender, accept and move forward. What is in my hands? What can I influence? Where do I need to surrender and experience life as its unfolding? What’s stopping me from doing this?
  • Money is one of the most important topics to increase Self-Awareness and power. We must question everything. Why can’t we talk about money? What’s the problem? What are we trying to hide? What are we trying to defend? What are we afraid of?
  • We treat other people how we treat ourselves in our head. How to feel amazing in your own skin so that you can be loving, gentle and kind to others? Is your Self-Talk attacking, ugly and accusing? Transform the voice in your head to feel good in yourself; and be naturally kinder and more respectful to other people around you.

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Mindset Therapy

If you want to go past what everyone else is done, you need to change your mindset. Find people who have the same belief that you want to achieve. For example, the mindset “money is abundant and easy to make”. Being around people who think that way provides evidence from the community that this thinking is a good way of thinking. When we start manifesting this mindset by gathering with like-minded people and see evidence that the new mindset is working, it inspires us to change our mindset and create abundance breaking away from the shackles. However, respect everyone where they are and do not feel superior to anybody. It isn’t “You’re thinking in a small way around money so I don’t want to be around you”. You might not have the same beliefs as someone, but hating or getting angry about them doesn’t bring us forward. Give yourself permission to break free and find your truth, while giving other people permission to do whatever they need to do. The more you’re doing your thing and succeeding – the more you’re able to potentially transform the mindset of people around you.

How Can We Discover Higher Purpose & Mission in Life?

There are 2 purposes in this life:

  1. The soul purpose
  2. The body purpose

Both of them are very different things. Most people have not found their soul purpose and are obsessed with the body purpose. It’s hard to find real passion when you’re disconnected from your soul purpose. Soul purpose is to work on yourself and be an elevated human being, understand the joy in grounding and the masculine & feminine flow of energy inside your system. The soul purpose is when we discover how to interact with reality enhancing, creating and manifesting things that we want. When we understand that thoughts become feelings and feelings become the effect of our actions, we start understanding the steps towards being either a magnet to what we want, or pushing it away in a self-sabotage pattern. Connection and loving each other unconditionally can teach you how to deal with emotions in a balanced way and stay away from Self-Sabotaging (when you refrain from your soul purpose). The soul purpose is working on yourself spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It is more important than the body purpose because historically there are many people who knew what their body purpose was, like singers, actors, artists and musicians, but they struggled mentally, emotionally and spiritually because they didn’t understand their soul purpose.

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Take Home Message

Joy and love are a birthright. “Find inner peace, love & joy that’s not dependent on external circumstances, events or people” Love is the DNA of your soul that nobody can take away from you. It is the essence of humanity. Be able to wake up and feel joyful because you only ever had 2 choices in life:

  • you’re either leaning into a negative story or
  • you’re leaning into a positive story.

Those are the only choices you’re ever making. A gratitude practice helps to focus on positivity and you start getting more of what you are grateful for in life. If you want to change anything in how you are or what’s happening in your life, change your inner feelings, emotions and thoughts and watch the magic happen externally. It’s important to stay in your heart, follow your bliss and find what makes you happy.




Listen to the full podcast episode #77 on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

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