How To Manifest YOUR Destiny To Live The Life You Deserve | Alicia Berberich | SCGP: 107

The beauty of manifesting lies in its ability to guide daily decisions by keeping your future self in mind. By doing so, you can break the cycle of having the same goals each year and take tangible steps towards achieving personal growth. Alicia Berberich, an accountability coach and researcher, began her journey into manifesting while teaching workshops on goal-setting for women. Despite setting admirable goals, she observed that many women found themselves stuck with the same aspirations year after year. This led her to question why they weren’t making progress or holding onto their goals. On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #107, Alicia Berberich talks about her manifesting methodology using the acronym ‘DESTINY’ and shares some practical steps on How To Manifest YOUR Destiny To Live The Life You Deserve!

In this insightful conversation we discussed the following topics: 

✅ What Is Manifesting?  

✅ The DESTINY Manifesting Methodology (Desire, Energy Alignment, Saboteurs, Thanks, Inspired Action, Navigate The Path, Your Cues)

✅ Understanding Saboteurs in Manifesting

✅ Overcoming Internal & External Saboteurs 

✅ Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

✅ Manifesting As A Holistic Process For Personal Growth 

✅ Fostering A Mindset For Continuous Self-Improvement 

✅ And so much more. 


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Check out this week’s Self-Care Actions. For more details on these, listen to the entire episode.  

1.    Optimal Oral Hygiene: Ensure meticulous brushing and flossing for optimal dental health. This routine is the foundation for overall well-being. 🦷✨

2.Cognitive Nourishment through Intermittent Fasting: Embrace intermittent fasting as a mental exercise, and proactive measure against Alzheimer’s. Visualize the body eating up all the negative plaque in the brain from Alzheimer’s. This is a powerful habit for both physical and cognitive well-being. 🧠🍽️

3.Mindful Meditation: Prioritize 20 minutes of your morning meditating for a calm-grounded mindset, emotional balance and setting an intention for the day. 🧘‍♂️🌅


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