‘Human Design’: Awakening YOUR Inner Blueprint

“You can have anything you want, You’ve just got to know how to use what you got!”

In a world brimming with self-help methodologies and spiritual philosophies, Human Design stands as a beacon of unique insight, blending ancient wisdom with modern science. It unveils the energetic blueprints that shape our essence, guiding us towards a life aligned with our true purpose. On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #95, Leann Wolff a visionary human design professional and business consultant helping entrepreneurs Self-Actualize the potential of their business vision, talks to us about the core principles of Human Design. Illuminating how it empowers us to make decisions rooted in our authentic selves, unravel conditioning, and harness innate strengths. From the distinct archetypes to the transformative power of breathwork, this podcast / blog uncovers the keys to unlocking vitality and purpose through the profound wisdom of Human Design.

The following information are just a few of the golden nuggets from my insightful conversation. Listen to the entire episode here.

What is Human Design?

Human Design amalgamates old time-tested knowledge with quantum physics and the intricate biochemistry of our bodies. It offers a profound understanding of our energetic makeup, enabling us to interact with the world authentically. The crux of this system lies in liberating ourselves from the conditioned mind – that constant internal chatter dictating our actions. Instead, it encourages us to tap into the wisdom of our bodies, aligning our decisions and values with the energies/ intelligence within. Human Design introduces a distinct perspective on 9 energy centres, different from the traditional 7 chakra system.

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4 Archetypes: Mapping Energetic Blueprint

Here are the 4 archetypes of Human Design explained briefly:

1. Manifesters: Pioneers of Originality

In the business world, manifesters are the innovators. They are destined to infuse originality into every facet of their lives, acting as the catalysts for change. They are the ‘door openers’ with an aura that clears the path and overcomes resistance, paving way for creative originality to thrive.

2. Generators: Builders and Creators

Manifesting generators are the hands-on, boots-on-the-ground individuals. They respond to the energies around them, channelling their vitality into building and creating. By discerning where their energy is best invested, they embark on deeply satisfying endeavours.

3. Projectors: Guiding Lights

Projectors possess a penetrating and absorbing aura, making them adept advisors and guides. Their superpower lies in recognizing and probing the energies around them, steering manifesting generators towards fulfilling tasks. They play a pivotal role in harmonizing the collective energy field.

4. Reflectors: Mirrors of Society

Reflectors are enigmatic beings designed to mirror the energies of their communities. They possess an ability to objectively observe and reflect the dynamics within groups, offering valuable insights into their functioning. They have an objective view about what’s going on and like a disco ball reflect back all different factions of the community. Each type holds its unique strengths and perceived weaknesses, yet, delving deeper, it is the spaces within called the ‘white channels, gates, or centres,’ that beckon us to a realm beyond self.

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Embracing the White Spaces

  • The white spaces within our Human Design chart represent a fertile ground where experiences flow through, granting us wisdom. Far from being voids, they serve as conduits for growth. While these may be seen as weaknesses, they are, in fact, opportunities for learning. Perceiving these spaces as weaknesses arises only when we attempt to force them into molds they were never meant to fill. By acknowledging and allowing these energies to flow, we amplify our strengths held within inner channels, ultimately aligning ourselves with our true purpose.
  • The white spaces hold a unique narrative – the not-self narrative. It is the echo of the conditioned mind, striving to mold us into something we are not. This narrative carries the weight of avoidance – of conflict, confrontation and truth and it often leads to overexertion. For instance, an undefined sacral, characteristic of a projector, may feel the pressure to keep pace with a conditioned world that values constant action. The invitation here is to heed the body’s wisdom, to discern whether the pressure aligns with the inner knowing of what truly serves.

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Empowering Transformation

Why are we not born in perfect alignment? The answer lies in conditioning. At birth, we are inherently aligned with our true selves. As life unfolds, narratives, trauma and beliefs infiltrate our subconscious, veering us off course and shaping our responses to the world. The 0-7 years, 7-14 years and 14-21 years of age form critical phases of conditioning.

The deconditioning journey entails recognizing these narratives for what they are – external impositions on our authentic selves. The aim is to unearth the purity and beauty of our innate design. The deconditioning process necessitates listening, understanding, and redirecting narratives that do not serve our true selves. It involves drawing attention to strengths and channelling energy towards their amplification. The white spaces, once seen as weaknesses, transform into spaces of profound experience. The willingness to shift from victimhood to empowerment is a vital catalyst in this journey towards alignment.

In the realm of Human Design, acknowledging and embracing the intricacies of our energetic blueprint unveils a path to wisdom and purpose. By understanding the nuances of white spaces, deconditioning, and the transformative power of embracing one’s true self, we unlock the door to a life in harmonious alignment with our deepest essence.

The journey is not about erasing conditioning, but about peeling away the layers to reveal the innate brilliance that has always resided within. Human Design serves as a compass, guiding us back to our authentic path.

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Breathwork For Vitality and Transformation – My Human Design

Breathwork emerges as a powerful tool for transformation in Human Design. By harnessing the potential of breath to regulate the body’s pH and enhance cellular health, individuals can unlock a profound sense of balance and vitality. Did you know that one breathwork session can equate to numerous talk therapy sessions because you’re in your subconscious mind, connecting with your being and your soul. It is fascinating to see how Human Design seamlessly aligns with my level two coaching certification. In my breathwork coaching, I guide clients towards a transformative journey, acknowledging past traumas and unpleasant experiences without dwelling on the ‘why.’ Instead, I focus on moving forward, uncovering any underlying limiting beliefs or core wounds that may have led to conditioning after such events. The beauty lies in creating a new, empowering way of living. Human Design reinforces my dedication to breathwork and functional breathing, recognizing it as a powerful, accessible tool for enhancing one’s life. Breath is the steering wheel of our body, and mastering it opens the door to regulating numerous aspects of our lives. Reflecting on how breathwork naturally found its way into my journey, I am sure that being a breathwork facilitator is aligned to my life purpose. As a projector, recognizing these subtle cues and seizing the opportunities that present themselves is my testament to the power of alignment with our true selves. Grief can also serve as a catalyst transforming Pain into Wisdom. It can either plunge us into denseness and victimhood or elevate us to a higher state of gratitude and appreciation for life’s experiences. Through the alchemy of grief and breathwork, I am able to distill this wisdom and offer it to the world via my mission in life. I feel so truly blessed!

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Crafting a Purpose-Driven Business Model

The alignment of one’s Human Design with their professional endeavours is paramount. By understanding the unique strengths and energies bestowed upon us, we can construct a profitable business model that resonates with our true essence. According to Leann, this process typically unfolds over six months of professional consultation, allowing for a comprehensive integration of wisdom and alignment. In the journey towards self-realization and aligning with one’s Human Design, there is no room for coddling the not-self. The path demands a rigorous commitment to authenticity, questioning narratives, and discarding excuses that hinder progress. It’s crucial to understand that while Human Design emerges from astrology in the background, it demands a level of precision and accuracy beyond what astrology requires. This is because Human Design encompasses the intricacies of the BioPharm, delving into DNA, RNA, energy fields, and even the quantum realm. To unlock the full potential of your unique design, having precise details like your birth date, day, month, time and location is paramount. Visit https://www.powerofself.ca/free-human-design-chart or https://www.jovianarchive.com/ to obtain your Human Design chart that reveal the superpowers and magic that lie within you !

Take Home Message

The profound impact of this podcast conversation resonates with me on a deep level. The ultimate goal is to guide individuals through an assessment process, enabling them to operate in alignment with the innate intelligence of their bodies. New age author Gregg Braden; known for linking science and spirituality encounters with individuals from blue zones around the world like a remarkable Tibetan woman aged between 150 -205 years, who reveals the extraordinary potential of purpose driven living. For her, death is not a consideration; she is resolutely focused on nurturing future generations. This longevity is a testament to the power of purpose rooted in bodily intelligence. It highlights the importance of mindset, free from resistance and attuned to the body’s inherent wisdom. Embracing this wisdom is especially crucial in the Western world, where we are often subjected to a narrative that may not align with our true potential. Within our own bio-forms, we possess the capacity for robust health, strength, and unwavering purpose that makes us unstoppable.

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