Microbiome Magic! Secrets To Radiant Skin & A Healthy Glow | Yug Varma| SCGP: 116

Dr. Yug Varma, a passionate skincare entrepreneur and microbiome researcher, delves into the intricate relationship between acne and the skin’s microbiome on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #116. Through 13 years of dedicated research, Varma sheds light on how bacteria influence acne development and advocates for a microbiome-centric approach to skincare. By harnessing bacteriophages to selectively target acne-causing bacteria, Yug proposes a revolutionary solution with minimal side effects. The conversation extends to lifestyle factors, skincare regimens, and the promising future of microbiome-based skincare products, underscoring the importance of understanding and nurturing the skin’s microbiome for radiant, healthy skin.

In this insightful podcast episode we discuss: 

✅ Skin care and acne research (causes & hormonal effects)

✅ The skin microbiome research and products

✅ Limitations of current acne treatments

✅ Mental Health component of acne & its impact on self-confidence

✅ Lifestyle factors and nutrition that support the gut microbiome

✅ Skin care regiments 

✅ And so much more.


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Make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming second podcast episode with Dr. Yug, where we delve into business matters, focusing particularly on products. (Savoia SelfCare Business Podcast)


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