Neuroplasticity: Get Your Brain In Shape! | Rita Savoia | SCGP: 93

Do you ever feel like your brain is keeping you stuck? Maybe it’s experiencing

Anxious Thoughts

Negative Self-Talk

Caving to Cravings

Feeling Unmotivated or having

Trouble Concentrating?

These are just a few examples of feelings and behaviors that can be hard to break, like an endless cycle that we so often end up blaming our brain.

In this podcast I will share with you what you need to know and how to enhance your power to retrain your brain! Think of it like rewiring. You can teach the brain to form new connections: to strengthen pathways that serve you and weaken pathways that don’t. This is called Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the reason we’re able to recover function after a stroke, learn new skills, and reprogram our thoughts. It’s the key to behavior change and breaking free from past patterns that keep us feeling stuck.

In this inspiring episode we talk about the following topics:

✅ Neuroplasticity 101

✅ The Connection Between Neuroplasticity & Habits

✅ 5 Ways to Improve Neuroplasticity

✅ Benefits of Neuroplasticity Training

✅ Foods That Support Neuroplasticity

✅ Healthy Food Tips For Busy People

✅ 3 Yoga Exercises To Balance Your Nervous System

✅ And so much more.


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