Never Diet Again: Sustainable Weight Loss Tips | Rachel Freiman | SCGP: 109

In the “Self-Care Goddess” podcast episode #109, featuring Rachel Freiman, CEO of Mind Strong Fitness, lover of doughnuts and the author of a best-selling book. 

Our conversation focused on sustainable weight loss through education and a mind-body approach. Rachel emphasizes the importance of tuning into one’s body through breathwork and body awareness, promoting self-love and appreciation. We discuss debunking myths in the health and fitness industry, advocating for education over restrictive dieting, and teaching nutrition as a skill rather than a temporary fix. The conversation delves into the neuroscience of habit formation and mindset shifts for healthy choices, emphasizing personalized approaches and breaking free from black-and-white thinking. The podcast conversation reframes failure as feedback for personal growth and includes non-negotiables for self-care and empowerment, aiming to inspire women to reclaim their power and live their best lives.

In this insightful conversation we discussed the following topics: 

✅ Education & Mind-Body Approach For Sustainable Weight Loss

✅ How To Increase Body Awareness 

✅ Personalized Nutrition & Weight Loss Without Restrictive Dieting 

✅ ABC Method: Nutritional Habits & Preferences 

✅ Neuroscience & Habit Formation For Personal Growth 

✅ Rewiring Your Brain For Healthy Habits Through Mindset & Permission 

✅ Metabolism & Weight Loss For Midlife Women 

✅ And so much more. 


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Instagram: @getmindstrong

Podcast: Becoming Mind Strong

Book: “Becoming Mind Strong” The truth about health fitness and the BS that’s holding you back.


Check out Rachel’s Self-Care Actions, for more details listen to the entire episode. 

1. Prioritize Energy Alignment: Base decisions on whether they elevate or deplete your energy, trusting your intuition to guide you towards what aligns with your vibration.

2. Honor Sacred Gym Time: Dedicate regular workouts as sacred moments for grounding, centering, and alignment, prioritizing self-care over other commitments.

3. Foster Loving Connections: Embrace the importance of non-romantic relationships, valuing love and connection with friends, family, and community as essential to well-being.


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