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On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #80, Katrina Foe, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition & certified expert in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer , talks about the root cause of drivers for cancer to proliferate in the body and how nutritional therapy can help to get it into remission so that we do not live in constant fear of recurrence.  We also discuss Pilates as a form of ‘Joyful Movement’, which is my 6th Pillar of Self-Care. Pilates muscle balancing techniques can help relieve joint pain, improve balance and coordination, and strengthen core stabilizers for improvement in all types of movement.

This blog post summarizes just a few of the golden nuggets from our insightful conversation, for the full details listen to the entire episode here or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for the Self-Care Goddess podcast.

The Ideal Diet That Drives Away Cancer

The keto diet is instrumental in addressing cancer, feeding the brain, avoiding depression and overcoming neurotransmitter issues. For cancer patients, keto is a therapeutic diet to lower blood sugar and produce ketones. A major concern with the keto diet is that it is not high in fiber. Fiber is important for the microbiome and helps with blood sugar regulation. So Katrina recommends to include lots of low carb vegetables to get fiber and as a conduit for the fat. The biggest thing that goes wrong with a ketogenic diet is that people discontinue it when they don’t feel good. This is because the electrolytes or fat digestion nuances for bio individuality are not taken into consideration. The keto diet can be different for each individual. We must take out any food that is irritating, for example, if somebody has mold, remove moldy foods like Brazil nuts, peanuts and coffee that have a lot of molds but can otherwise be included in a ketogenic diet. Katrina also reminds us that if a person doesn’t have a gallbladder, they will need help digesting a diet with 70% -80% fat, so this must be taken into consideration while designing the keto diet plan.

Otto Warburg discovered that the trademark symbol which defines a cancer cell is a switch in the mitochondria where instead of burning oxygen, it is anaerobic (not burning oxygen) and takes in more blood sugar. Because it needs more blood sugar to get fed and proliferate, eating a high carb diet creates new blood vessels as venues for the sugar to come in. A raw vegan diet can also be a good option for some people, but it has a huge amount of carbohydrates and lacks the fat and nutrients that a keto diet includes. When it comes to juicing, she believes it is like a sugar bomb to the system and takes out the fiber, if it’s not cold pressed.  Even the green juices do not provide therapeutic doses of phytonutrients that our body needs.

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Practical Tips To Prevent Cancer

Most people say “I thought I was doing all the right things” however they can be numerous considerations that are often not taken into account such as:

1. Eating healthy – Clean up your diet

2. Get rid of toxic toiletries and cleaning products

3. Check and improve vitamin D levels. Lack of vitamin D can be one of the root cause drivers for cancer. Some people have genetic issues absorbing vitamin D so it is advised to get tested.

4. Check for hypothyroid issues

5. Find out if you have an estrogen dominance

6. Monitor toxin levels and carcinogenic molds

I invite you to read this blog post for a deeper dive into the 6 Pillars of Self-Care.

10 Terrains That Drive Cancer

According to Dr. Nisha Winters, these are the 10 terrain areas identified by research that can drive cancer:

  1. Carbs feed cancer: In in a PET scan the client is fed radioactive sugar. Because sugar feeds cancer, it has metabolically shifted to needing a lot of glucose. Cancer sucks up all the radioactive sugar and, in the scan the area sucking up the radioactive sugar lights up like a Christmas tree on the skin!
  2. Metabolic issues: When people have blood sugar issues like insulin resistance, they don’t feel bad. In fact, they feel good because their blood sugar is high. This is why it is the difficult to encourage people to get tested because they do not have any symptoms.
  3. Sex hormones: How are they doing? This is a huge driver especially with breast cancer so its important to test your hormones.
  4. The Gut Microbiome: This includes digestive health, leaky gut and pathogens.
  5. Stress: Monitor the cortisol and adrenal hormones to find out what’s going on in the body. With cancer patients, there is usually huge stress or something that hurts their heart, within a year before the diagnosis. This is a huge tipping point for a lot of people and a harder area to identify. This terrain overlaps and blends into mental and emotional health.
  6. Epigenetics:  Genetics are what you’re born with and epigenetics is how the genes snips to create genetic deviations that can be affected by diet, lifestyle & supplements.
  7. Environmental toxins: This is an enormous factor that can be a trigger for cancer.
  8. Immunity: This refers to autoimmune diseases as well as the general immune system and how it is doing.
  9. Angiogenesis: This is about the formation of new blood vessels. There are markers that we can look at to see if it’s making lots of blood vessels or different metastasis.
  10. Inflammation is a hallmark of cancer. To monitor the cancer, look at the markers of inflammation. We can see them go sideways, when cancer is flaring up long before the scans.

All of these terrains are inter-related. For example, the environmental toxins, blood sugar imbalance, stress and eating processed foods are all causes of inflammation. People need to get the garbage like processed carbs, inflammatory fats, canola oil and vegetable oils out of their diet. This can make a huge difference with inflammation.

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The Connection Between Exercise & Cancer

  • Pilates helps optimizing muscle balancing, so there is less inflammation and it is a good pre-cancer exercise. Sometimes people need to back off and stop exercising, maybe go for a gentle walk occasionally but most people are doing more damage and creating increased inflammation with harder workouts that deplete adrenals.
  • It is advised to do some rebounding to get the lymph moving but not the aggressive workouts for cancer patients. If someone had any reconstructive surgery, they need to do gentle rehab to get the range of motion back and open up the fascia so that the lymph is flowing. When in remission, go back to muscle balancing and make sure you get cardio too.
  • The heart of Pilates is to work on joint health. Bringing the joints back into balance where they work in harmony so that if something is too tight, it’s opened up. If something is too weak, it’s strengthened up and they work together in synergy for the joint to function properly.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Focus on the most important things for you at this point. The Pilates philosophy is that if you’re doing 50,100 or 500 crunches for example, you are wasting your time because that is clearly too easy for you. Be smart and do something harder that you can only do 5 to 6 times and it takes less time as well. Pilates is about what you need and correct muscle patterns. Not how many, but the correct form and mind body connection.

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Here are this week’s self-care tips. For past podcast guests self-care habits, check out my Instagram or Facebook page.

Take Home Message

  • It is important to remain well hydrated. Most people are not fully hydrated and indulge in consuming soda, alcohol, coffee, fruit juice or even herbal teas which are slightly diuretic and not hydrating.
  • Frying in coconut oil is recommended. Air fryers are great to get food nice and crispy but they keep the fat off. Use it to get food crispy and then put the fat on top without making it rancid.
  • Stay away from anything that is a ‘poly’.
  • Try coffee enemas or Hydro colonics for detox that stimulate the vagus nerve and help you get into a parasympathetic state.
  • Avoid the ‘hamster wheel’ to always be “on the go”. Pause to plan fun times.
  • Be intentional with what you do because you can’t do everything. Pick things that are the most important for you and do what you are not good at, because these are areas you need the most focus.
  • Do not get overwhelmed with all the cool stuff you hear on podcasts or blogs because there’s a lot of great stuff to do but we must learn to pick and prioritize.

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