Shattering Stigmas: Crafting The MIDLIFE You Deserve! | Kathy Batista | SCGP: 119

On the Self-Care Goddess Podcast episode #119, Kathy Batista, a seasoned midlife crisis coach, discusses her innovative approach to navigating the challenges of midlife, particularly for women grappling with issues like perimenopause and the accompanying emotional and physical upheavals. She introduces a holistic three-pillar strategy that emphasizes the interconnection of mindset, body, and soul, employing techniques such as breathwork, mindfulness, and somatic healing to foster a deeper mind-body connection.

The conversation further explores the importance of self-awareness, the role of the vagus nerve in stress relief, and the use of lymphatic stimulation paired with affirmations for personal growth. Kathy also delves into the nuances of goal-setting during perimenopause, advocating for heightened self-awareness and prioritization of self-care to combat societal stigmas and personal neglect. The podcast ends with Kathy sharing her personal self-care non-negotiables and her aspiration to leave a legacy of calm and comfort through her coaching practices, alongside offering resources for further exploration on her website.

In this beautiful conversation we discussed: 

✅ Midlife Struggles For Women 

✅ Mindset & Goal-Setting For Women In Perimenopause 

✅ Prioritizing Self-Care In Midlife

✅ Mind-Body Connection & Somatic Healing Techniques 

✅ Using Mindfulness & Lymphatic Stimulation For Personal Growth 

✅ Crucial Role Of Values Alignment & Self-Awareness In Midlife 

✅ And so much more. 


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