You Deserve to Love Yourself: Comfort Foods vs. Clean Eating

In a world dominated by societal norms and the relentless pursuit of perfection, the journey to embracing one’s true self can be an arduous but rewarding path. On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #106, Brooke Hoover, an actor, comedian and podcast host delves, into the intricate interplay of comfort foods, clean eating and the societal pressures that shape our perceptions of health and beauty. In our conversation we explore her personal journey, struggles, triumphs and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way.

The following information are just a few of the golden nuggets from my insightful conversation. Listen to the entire episode here.

Society’s Distorted Norms & The PCOS Puzzle

Brooke takes us back to the 80s and 90s, vividly recalling the societal pressure to conform to certain body standards highlighting the pervasive influence of diet culture and body image expectations. From the glorification of spandex-clad workouts to the obsession with low-fat diets, she reflects on how unrealistic beauty standards and the idea that ‘fat is bad’ influenced her weight loss journey. The historical shift from celebrating larger figures to idealizing slender frames raises questions about the impact of societal norms on our health. The roots of these distorted perceptions still persist to this day.

With a personal history of trying various diets driven by the desire to fit societal ideals, Brooke realized that her weight gain was linked to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). This prompted a shift in focus – from wanting to be skinny for societal acceptance to prioritizing her health. This shift in perspective became a pivotal moment in her journey. We discuss the many challenges faced while trying to manage PCOS holistically. From the struggles with prescription medications and being advised birth control pills for life at the age of 16 – to the exploration of alternative therapies like acupuncture, we navigate the complexities of PCOS and the importance of understanding one’s body beyond conventional medical treatments. Experiencing anxiety in PCOS affects our ability to relax and sleep at night, so prioritizing a consistent evening routine that includes:

  • taking a bath with Epsom salts,
  • reading a book,
  • practicing meditation & stretching and
  • taking magnesium supplements

Brooke also addresses the residual symptoms she still manages and emphasizes the importance of symptom management in PCOS which is an ongoing process.

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Clean Eating & Embracing the PHAT (Pretty, Hot, and Tempting) Girl

Transitioning into the practical aspects of her weight loss journey of losing 100 pounds through self-discovery and redefining beauty; Brooke shares insights on balancing comfort foods with clean eating. Originating from South Louisiana, she acknowledges the cultural significance of certain foods in her life, emphasizing the importance of enjoying meals as experiences. The 80/20 rule becomes a mantra, advocating for healthier alternatives and occasional indulgences without labelling foods as inherently good or bad. In my experience with clients, 20% unhealthy food cravings decrease to 10-5% as they adopt healthier options, leading to improved energy and overall well-being. Brooke also touches on the self-image struggle and challenges conventional beauty standards, advocating for self-acceptance and the importance of finding balance. The “PHAT” (Pretty, Hot, and Tempting) Girl shifts the notion of beauty and self-acceptance from FAT to PHAT. Brooke urges listeners to appreciate themselves in the present moment and understanding the power of self-compassion & self-love, giving oneself a break, and finding humour even in challenging moments. The best advice is to “Love yourself where you are” and take things moment by moment, day by day, and snack by snack, rather than stressing out on long-term goals.

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Take Home Message

In this podcast conversation, we witness the transformative power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit. Brooke is not just on a personal journey; she’s a beacon for others seeking connection and support in their health endeavours. It is important to reconsider our relationship with food, societal norms, and our own bodies. As we navigate the delicate balance between comfort foods and clean eating, we are reminded that the journey to health is not just physical but a profound exploration of self-discovery and acceptance. As Brooke shares her experiences and insights, the overarching message is clear—embrace the journey, find your tribe, and prioritize self-love. I invite you to redefine your path, creating a space where you can feel less alone and more connected on this beautiful, albeit crazy, journey.

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