Your Guide On Psychedelics For Mental Health & Personal Growth | Matt Zemon | SCGP: 108

The conventional medical model for Mental Health treatments and therapy needs a serious upgrade and Psychedelic assisted therapy and integration plays an integral role in supporting this much needed upgrade. In this podcast I have the honor of speaking with Matt Zemon, MSc, educator, author of two best-selling books, and leader in Psychedelic wellness, who shares his expertise and passion to further the responsible integration of the transformative power of Psychedelics in healthcare, specifically mental health care. We dive into the neurosciece of Psychedelics and their impact on neuroplasticity, behavioral change, in treating various mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, substance abuse, and more. Benefits of decriminalizing these Psychedelics, removing stigma, and encouraging responsible discussion are also discussed. Both Matt and I share our personal journeys and reflect on our emotional experiences, personal growth progress, and the release of old patterns through our Psychedelic journeys. 

In this insightful conversation we discussed the following topics: 

✅ Psychedelics 101 – Role & Benefits  

✅ History & Spiritual Lineage 

✅ The Science: Psychedelics & Neuroplasticity   

✅ Matt’s Personal Transformative Journey Helped With Grief & Trauma

✅ Therapeutic Uses Of Psychedelics for Mental Health 

✅ Rita’s Personal Transformative Psychedelic Journey 

✅ Ongoing Efforts for Decriminalization, Legalization and Integration with Conventional Medical Systems 

✅ And so much more. 


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Check out this week’s Self-Care Actions. For more details on these, listen to the entire episode.  

1. Engaging in meditation and mindfulness with a consistent start at 5:30 AM. Dedicating a couple of hours to yoga each morning brings about a sense of tranquillity.

2. Commencing the day with a generous 32 ounces of water is a recommended ritual, ensuring hydration throughout the day.

3. Quitting alcohol altogether brings a sense of liberation and also eliminates concerns about feeling unwell the next morning.


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