Bio-Electric Medicine: How to zap your brain into good health!

Bioelectronic Medicine focuses on electrical signaling in the nervous system. On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #85, with Guy Odishaw a neurofeedback Practitioner, Bioelectric Medicine/Craniosacral Therapist,and Bhakti Wellness Center founder. Guy’s 30 years of clinical experience specializing in treatment resistant chronic pain, traumatic brain injury and psycho-emotional trauma informs his approach to brain health. We talk about technologies that record, stimulate or block neural signaling to affect specific molecular mechanisms and regulate functions of the nervous system. This understanding of interacting with energies or the electric magnetic field, enables us to shift what is happening at the cellular level by reconnecting cells to reestablish homeostasis (balance in the body). This integrative treatment is very effective specially with cancer, dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration and PTSD.

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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Technology

The following table highlights the main differences between other modalities of healing and Western medicine discussed in my podcast:

Other Medical ConceptsWestern Medicine
1. Traditional Chinese/ Ayurvedic medicine, has an energy component, named ‘chi or prana’ that we can work upon to get a positive outcome for healing.Western science is more precise with a scientific paradigm. It takes an idea and evolves it to make it more potent.  
2.Traditional forms of medicine work with the body software.Western medicine works with parts of the body focusing on the hardware.
3.If we bring in knowledge from Chinese medicine and the emerging field of bio electric medicine, we can have a success rate of about 85% with macular degeneration.In Western medicine, macular degeneration is: “You are diagnosed with this condition but we’re going to help you with some accommodations”. In their toolbox they don’t have the tools for reversal.
4.The Eastern medicine philosophy is vitalizing, resilience and being healthy so that you can enjoy life. You are doing something because that allows you to live to your full potential and have a higher quality of life.  Western medicine is to get rid of things you don’t want / disease.

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Mike Levin Theory, The Bredesen Protocol & The Cerebral Fit

  • Michael Levin theory states that all cells in the body, from the time that you are a two-cell embryo are forming an electrical network that process information – first information about form and later information about behavior. His theory uses bioelectricity to study how cells make collective decisions about growth and shape. He uses a technological approach to the ‘mind being everywhere’ – with evidence to show that the mind is operating at molecular, chemical, atomic, and quantum level. This theory mirrors what has been happening for 1000s of years in traditional systems, where we don’t interact with the parts of the body like in Western medicine but get the parts to do their job. It proves that when we can work with the intelligence of the system, the system will self-correct.
  • Dr. Dale Bredesen is a neurologist who created a twenty-first-century approach to predict and prevent cognitive decline through holistic lifestyle changes. His new holistic principles of medicine identify the multi-faceted causes of Alzheimer’s disease and outlines a multi-pronged approach to its prevention. “The Bredesen Protocol” provides a comprehensive personalized program with diet, supplements, lifestyle and bio-electric medicine designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of subjective cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The cerebral fit by Guy Odishaw brings back all the ancient wisdom marrying it with technology. Their clinics adopt the Bredeson protocol with primary focus on integrated bioelectric use of light and energy to rejuvenate and revitalize the processes which has a phenomenal proven success rate. The treatment formula is: slow, stop, reverse.

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The Cerebral Fit Products:

  1. Near Infrared Helmet:  Using a 1070 nanometer near infrared light in a helmet form is an easy way to get light into the brain. The ergonomics of the helmet allows us to pulse light at the brainwave frequencies or beyond zero to 20,000 hertz. We can tailor the treatment and work in the four quadrants. We could put one pulse into the back at the occipital lobe and a different pulse frequency into the frontal lobe.
  2. Infrared Lights: This is an alternative to the helmet. They are powerful near infrared lights that can be screwed to a regular lamp. Advantages are that these are easy to work with & a low-cost treatment with 45-watt special infrared lights. They are high powered devices – about 200 milliwatts per centimeter square.
  3. Fancy glasses: The glasses are for photic entrainment with flashing lights.
  4. Earphones: The audio-visual entrainment device of neuromodulation combines 3 forms of neuromodulation at a lower, more optimal price. This kit provides reliable, consistently positive outcomes to benefit a variety of brain dysregulation. There is visual entrainment in the glasses, beeping sounds in the ears, binaural beats and transcranial stimulation. One can use ear clips or electrodes on the head
  5. Nasal Laser: The nasal passage is a perfect place for illumination with red light therapy irradiation as the membranes are thin, transparent, and the light easily enters the bloodstream. This makes the nasal laser an efficient way to deliver an effective dose to the entire body with a low-energy device. Additionally, the light reaches the deeper structures of the brain, such as the olfactory bulb and hippocampus and the eyes. Its battery operated, you can tuck it in a pocket and go about do the dishes or cook your dinner!
  6. Red Light Mouthguard: This is one of the most popular & powerful oral health light therapy devices on the market with 32 LEDs to shine light deep into gums, teeth and surrounding tissues.  Red light has been found to increase mitochondrial activity leading to increased energy production vitalizing tissues, decreased inflammation, supports the release of nitric oxide etc. Oral health is connected to our overall health. Sometimes those going through chemotherapy develop oral mucositis. This anti-bacterial & anti-viral mouthguard is a great way to suppress the manifestation of the sores.

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Pro’s & Cons of Using This Technology

“The best treatment plan is the one that a person will do”

  1. Working with budget is an important consideration. The cerebral fit complete is for $4,500 considered as high cost by many.
  2. It is a lot of technology when you get the helmet, artificial entrainment and nasal laser which can sometimes be overwhelming to put on & wire up. Sometimes folks want to be weighed in slowly, so pick the device that is the best match for symptoms, budget and technological capacity. Multi-layer multiple devices over months, one at a time, rather than the whole kit.

It is recommended to tailor the process to each individual. All equipment is aimed at peak performance meaning an elite athlete or executive can use the equipment to do better. Guy calls them “the toothbrush for the brain”. We brush our teeth twice a day, similarly we should brush our brain every day. Online resources, videos and manuals are available to help people set up and get used to the technology.

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Connect with Guy:

Take Home Message

Bio modulation light therapy helps reestablish & rebalance the natural system to identify the root cause and supplement other functional medicine practices so that the results are better, easier, efficient and quicker because the integrated treatment speeds up recovery, prevents and achieves highest potential. Guy Odishaw’s best advice is to get outside in the sun barefoot. Grounding ourself physically is super beneficial. As modern humans we spend almost all day with shoes on concrete – this way we are insulated, not grounded. We are in an electric field gathering up free radicals that is oxidative stress which can be eliminated by being grounded. We can use light to drive physiological functions but we are getting only 7% of near infrared light compare to our ancestors resulting in sunlight malnourishment! When we feel the earth and get sun in the body; it turns us into a battery, where the sun is putting charge in and the charge is being balanced by touching the earth. We are building a battery with our body, charged to optimize our physiology. I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about how you can begin to embrace ancient wisdom with the technology.

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