How To Harness YOUR Feminine Energy & Universal Laws

In the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #66, with Allyson Chavez we talk about how a change in mindset and tapping into the feminine energy can lead us to transformation. We (especially women) have the power to set our own terms for life, success and relationships. Allyson discusses why shifting the thought process on how you feel about money creates massive success in your life and when you consciously focus on feminine and mindset alignment, it leads to a flow of ease, joy and prosperity.

This blog post summarizes just a few of the golden nuggets from our insightful conversation, for the full details listen to the entire episode here or on your favourite podcast platform by searching for the Self-Care Goddess podcast.

What does it mean to embrace your feminine energy? 

The feminine energy is a powerful energy of creation. It is not related to genders or who we identify with or what we identify as. Every person has both feminine energy and masculine energy. The energies are complementary, created to work together in balance and alliance. As women we are designed to lead with feminine energy and let the masculine energy serve and support us. Society has masculinized us since 1000s of years and that is why this energy feels very mystical to us as women, because we’re conditioned to be doing and executing instead of receiving and expanding. As a woman, if you have to choose one over the other, choose feminine energy over masculine energy. Do not rush to get things done in the grindstone, pushing yourself continuously. Pull back from that and be more intentional about how to start the day. For example, if we just get out of bed, put on workout clothes and hit the gym; this puts us into masculine energy. We can’t get into feminine energy once we’ve been running in masculine so it is important to set up the first part of the day to receive feminine energy.

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Feminine Energy Vs. Masculine Energy

Here are some differences we talked about during our podcast:

  • The feminine is the flow and the masculine is the structure. Structure is really important to automate and improve but it is meant to serve the feminine.
  • The feminine is desire and the masculine is production of that desire.
  • If the river is feminine, the river bank is masculine. Without the river bank the water doesn’t have any direction and makes a mess everywhere. Conversely, if we don’t have a river, we lose the point of the river bank. Spending all the time in the masculine robs us of our radiance and purpose.
  • The left side of our body is the feminine receiving side and pertains to our past. The right side is the masculine and it is all about the future.
  • Feminine is the receiving energy, the masculine energy is the giving energy.  

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Universal Laws: Significance and Importance

In my podcast we discuss the universal laws that govern prosperity and creation. There are 21 main laws, which Allyson through her research has categorized into two distinct categories:

  • Laws to use to get you going
  • Laws to use when nothing is working

We can use these laws to help us navigate through challenging times with ease, speed and joy so that we’re not lengthening the challenge longer than necessary. These are universal laws, not manmade laws, so they don’t change based on who’s in the administration! These immutable, irreversible laws work whether you’re a “good person” or a “bad person”. It is comforting to know that if you obey the law, you get the reward attached to the law.

  1. Universal Law of Attraction:  This is the superstar law of all universal laws. The law of attraction is like a boomerang. This powerful philosophy states that whatever thoughts you visualize, you attract and receive. Many of us just operate unconsciously in default mode and we don’t realize what we’re sending out. When it gets messy and everything feels like it’s falling apart; use the law of attraction to believe that it is actually falling into place. Once we live by this universal law, we naturally attract similar people and get out of toxic relationships and friendships.
  2. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation: This law says that everything is moving into form or out of form. For example, water exists in four different forms, gas, vapor, liquid and solid. But the conditions have to be just right in order to move into each of these different forms. Ideas and things that we want to manifest in our lives are the same way. They exist in vapor form as an idea. We can either move them into physical form based on our thoughts and beliefs or we can move them back into vapor idea formed by disbelief, doubt, discouragement and impatience. So, in perpetual transmutation we do an inventory check of thoughts by asking questions: Where’s my level of belief with this goal that I want to reach? What are the words that I’m saying to myself? What’s my inner talk? Am I telling myself how hard this is? Based on this law we are literally pushing away what we want with a Self-Doubt mindset. Instead, be joyfully optimistic and say, “I don’t know how it’s going to come or when it’s going to come, but this is how I expect to feel when it does”. Immerse yourself in these feelings immediately and by law you are now pulling those things towards you. We are powerful creators who create by default without realization, but when we start to create deliberately, we are tremendously influential in our own lives and circumstances.
  3. The Law of Utilization: How is this actually serving me? is the law of utilization. Utilization leads to manifestation. We all desire the good in life. When we get the bad, we immediately resist the bad. But when we can utilize every part of any situation, it will lead to manifestation. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to assist us. The universe is punitive and wants to teach us. We can’t go to the next level until we’ve learned the lesson of this level. If we refuse to learn the lesson, we will be forced to revisit it until we are taught it. Having it being taught to us is lot more intense and uncomfortable than just being willing to learn what God or the universe wants to teach us on that level so that we can then ascend to the next level. When everything is topsy turvy amidst a crisis tell yourself “This is here, because I can handle it. This is here to teach me something really powerful and increase my capacity for joy”. Deal with it and move forward.
  4. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance: This states that you have everything that you need right now within you and in your environment to get you going on your dreams. When you will let yourself be enough where you are and feel gratitude for everything in your environment, instead of pushing against your situation, you can naturally ask for more and allow yourself to go on the path of your dreams and desires, because you are already enough to get started. The universe is structured for expansion, and you will always be called upon to expand. However, if we keep insisting that ‘I am just not quite enough yet’; then we’re violating the law of sufficiency and abundance and we have a very difficult time receiving. The law of non-resistance, The law of attention, The law of flow & the law of sacrifice all domino into each other if we’re not obeying the law of sufficiency and abundance.  Remember you are exactly enough right now to get started.
  5. The Law of Non-Resistance: Everything is always working out for you. Things might not have worked out the way you wanted them to, for example, maybe you didn’t sign a big contract or get the guy/ girl you wanted but there is evidence that everything is always working out for us. Learn to let go of the fears & limiting beliefs and trust, have faith that the universe is always working towards what’s best for you.
  6. The Law of Balance And Harmony: Harmony is the flow of life. Everything strives for harmony and balance. The stronger determines the weaker and makes it equal to itself. The Universe always works in perfect balance.  By aligning yourself with positive energy, you will in turn receive positive energy.  When you align yourself with negative energy, you create a disharmonious ripple effect.
  7. The Law of Karma: The universe is structured. What we are emitting (most the time we’re unconscious of what we’re emitting), we are going to experience a physical counterpart of that in spades because we live in an abundant universe. Have you or someone you know been in an abusive relationship? In an abusive relationship if we don’t learn what we were meant to learn such as setting boundaries, loving yourself and embracing our magnificence as human beings, then we’re just going to attract the same guy again in a different body until we learn the lesson. God loves us so much that he’s not going to shoot us to level 5 if we haven’t mastered level 2. This is why people get into the same pattern on relationships, whether it’s abusive or the wrong person, because they don’t learn the lesson. We must set boundaries (boundaries are masculine), they support the feminine.

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What happens if You Violate the Laws?

If you disobey the law, intentionally or unaware, you get the penalty attached for disobeying the law – that’s how God remains impartial. The penalty of violating the law of perpetual transmutation is you don’t get to experience your vision in physical form because you keep pushing it away from you. So, you continually chase it, then get discouraged and demoralized so you pull yourself back and never experience its fullness that was meant for you. If you disobey the law of non-resistance, “What you resist persists” so if you obey that law, you’re going to get the reward attached to non-resistance, which is navigating through the challenging times really fast but if you continually resist, then the penalty is you have to continue to experience it. We can just shift our perspective. We’ve been conditioned to contagious negative energy and are addicted to drama. Be addicted to the drama of your dream instead of the drama of catastrophe. Embrace that definite shift of focus where discipline comes (which is masculine), to serve the feminine which is the desire instead of trauma.

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Take Home Message

“Words are just noise, vibration never lies”. – Bob Proctor

The best advice Allyson has received is that you are going to die! We have a very finite time on this planet. So why wait for your dreams? All subconscious programs, respond to emotion, not words. Our emotions are just physical indicators of what we’re vibrating at any given moment. As you embrace the universal laws, some people may call you unrealistic and say you’re always so happy, there needs to be some negativity in your life, you can’t always be so positive etc. Shut them down and terminate those ties. If that’s not possible just become less available and distance yourself from them. It’s not that we prove to be better than the other person, only that you two are on different frequencies now and they clash. Send them away with love. With this detachment when they’re gone, you’ve made room for high vibrating people to come and take their place.

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