How to Overcome YOUR Limiting Beliefs & Live a Life of Purpose

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose”

– Dr. Myles Munroe

On the Self-Care Goddess podcast episode #87 Natalie Gonzalez talks about mindset shifts, overcoming limiting beliefs and living a life of purpose. Without a purpose in life, we are living aimlessly. All of us are blessed with wonderful innate capabilities that are helpful to this world and a clear understanding what those are, can have a great impact on our lives and the people around us. The following information are just a few of the golden nuggets from my insightful conversation with Natalie Gonzalez. Listen to the entire episode here.

Life Purpose & Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are engraved from childhood to adulthood by the environment we are raised in. Limiting beliefs for most people are core wounds they have. When we hear friends, family or other people diminish/ devalue us – we begin to internalize and believe it. “I guess I am not good enough/ I’m not smart” etc. Whatever we believe we are not capable of doing (limiting belief) over a period of time it becomes second nature to us, until we break that cycle. To overcome this:

  • Seek friends and family who you trust and can truly open out to you. Ask them ‘What gifts and talents do you see in me?’ Listen & receive the compliments.
  • Think of the things you hear people mention you are good at and question yourself ‘Why don’t I believe them?’ We hear positive feedback from people, but internally some of us are not receiving/ believing it. We must think, ponder and reflect on our skills and talents embracing them with confidence. Begin to affirm yourself – “I am good this” “I am capable” “I am smart”, instead of degrading yourself.
  • God created each individual with intention and purpose. With the day-day heaviness in life’s journey we get away from that purpose and begin to lose our dream/ vision. Take time to reflect through your life ‘What are the 1-2 things that you feel people are continually coming to you for help? Why are they always seeking you out for that specific reason?’ This is a good place to start finding your purpose.

People don’t realize how stuck they are until they are tired of hitting the same barrier over and over again and decide they have to do something about it. This realization for Self-Improvement and the desire to become a better person requires putting forth effort and time to unlearn patterns.

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Tips To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

After identifying that you have beliefs that are limiting, here are some practical strategies to live a life aligned with values and avoid making the same mistakes personally and professionally:

  1. Adopt Self-Compassion. We downgrade ourselves with negative self-talk. Some harsh things we wouldn’t tell our friends but say it to ourselves. The same compassion that we want to bestow on others, we first have to give it to ourselves. Change negative thoughts of “I can’t do this” to “I’m learning how to do this & I’m going to get better at it”. Shifting the way you talk/ think about yourself and being compassionate & patient with yourself is very crucial.
  2. The best way we can help ourselves is to get rid of people who are toxic. If we constantly have negative feedback it continues to pull us down. If you are emotionally erect because of somebody else it is extremely detrimental to your mental and physical state. “People are in your life for a reason a season or a Lifetime”. Set clear intentions for what you’re doing and communicate boundaries. For those who don’t respect your boundaries, sever ties or limit your time with them.
  3. It is important to surround yourself with like-minded people who uplift, empower and support you to grow. We are not meant to journey alone. Friends of support, a support group, a group on social media or a mentor /coach can help to build you up.

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Techniques: How To Be Compassionate

  1. For every negative thing that you say about yourself, create a positive one. Take inventory of things you say to yourself and write them down. Counter every negative with a positive.
  2. Journaling is important & therapeutic. When you keep a journal for a year, at the end of the year if you go back and read your entries, you can identify where you have grown and learnt.
  3. Love yourself and take time to know who you are to bring joy and peace. Self-reflection helps reconnect with the authentic self (not what the world thinks you should be) to be in harmony with yourself and the world.

Overcoming these limiting beliefs, pave the way to facilitate a mindset shift. The more you affirm and speak positively to yourself, it builds up your inner Self-Worth and Self-Esteem, not allowing what others may say or think about you to affect you. If somebody has something negative to say about you, that’s their opinion, you don’t have to accept or receive it. Remember: “I know who I am. I know how I feel about myself. I know what I stand for. I know my beliefs & capabilities.”

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Quick Pointers For A Mindset Shift:

  • Before professional transformation, start with personal transformation because if you are not complete from within it is hard to succeed at any business launch.
  • 3 months is the minimum for a person to stick with any transformation because it is statistically proven that in 3 months your mind begins to accept the change. After the mindset shift begins to take place stick with it for a year to achieve good massive transformation.
  • We can learn a lot from the challenges we’ve had in our lives and the way that we have overcome them in the past to foster current growth.

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Take Home Message

Know that you are worth – you have so much worth, so much to give, so much value and you are more capable than you realize. Hold on to positive words of affirmation received from others and truly accept it. Once you are able to accept “YOU” the positivity begins to penetrate deep within your heart, mind and soul. God has a purpose for every person; if you are seeking fulfillment in your life, listen to that purpose. Find those who can help get you to where you desire to go. “When you are able to walk into your purpose, you expand the kingdom of God”. This means that after we discover our life purpose and overcome limiting beliefs, we are able to expand it to others. We become like angels with wings creating a broader spectrum of hope, peace and fulfillment in this world. When we are able to show others that it is possible, it’s a ripple effect. With whatever you inspire others, (whether it’s speaking, publishing a book, launching a product/ business) that can change & help people; you create impact and leave a legacy for generations. It’s not just about you, it’s about the impact that you cause because of what you are doing.

Listen to the full podcast episode #87 on the Self-Care Goddess Podcast.

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